Published: Sun, December 09, 2018
Medical | By Johnnie Horton

Not Too Late to Get Flu Shot

Not Too Late to Get Flu Shot

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Louisiana Department of Heath recommend a yearly flu shot for everyone over six months of age who does not have a complicating condition, such as a prior allergic reaction to the flu shot.

Correcting misinformation about the flu vaccines is hard, and the academic literature provides mixed signals about approaches to tackling this problem.

The Putnam County Health Department is having a drive-thru flu shot clinic through 4 their office at 701 County Services Dr.

Vaccination is needed every year because the Influenza viruses change every few years and scientists continue to monitor which viruses are circulating, and change the ingredients in influenza vaccines to match them.

Headaches and severe body aches are hallmark signs of the flu.

Influenza awareness Week on December 2-8 educates military personnel about the potential impacts of influenza, or the flu, on the Department of Defense (DoD) mission and our Force Health Protection Readiness. Flu vaccines are made with either inactivated flu or a weakened flu virus, neither of which can cause the flu.

Serious reactions to the flu vaccine are rare. These numbers do not include all people infected with the flu, because many people do not seek medical help when they are sick and so go uncounted.

What about families/friends of patients? "With healthcare personnel influenza vaccination rates of 98 percent for two years straight; these results are evidence that healthcare personnel at Kaweah Delta are concerned about the patients they care for". Suppose the patient has a compromised immune system? Another 14% who remain unvaccinated claim that they will get the shot, the survey indicates. It may also eliminate the need to get a flu shot every year. "It is possible to have the flu a couple of times in the season". Many experimental vaccines have attempted to exploit the fact that the bottom part of the hemagglutinin protein does not change much from strain to strain, but those preparations haven't proved potent enough. There were 27 flu-related deaths in Wyoming in 2017-18, making it a highly severe season, according to the Wyoming Department of Health. The flu vaccine is crucial, not only to prevent flu in an individual, but also to prevent the spread of flu to those who may be at higher risk of complications. Health officials recommend that people be vaccinated by the end of October.

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The public is constantly urged by hospitals and health care professionals to be vaccinated for the flu. The vaccine's effectiveness also can vary depending on who is being vaccinated. Many institutions have policies mandating the flu vaccine, and those who choose not to get the flu vaccine must wear a mask throughout the flu season.

When considering seeing a doctor about flu symptoms, Borgen also said it can be beneficial to call ahead of time. Protect yourself and all those around you.

The two main factors in the effectiveness of the vaccine is the health of the patient and the match between the influenza viruses that the influenza vaccine is created to protect against and the influenza viruses spreading in the community. The child was not vaccinated for the current flu season.

While the vaccine is not flawless, it greatly reduces the chances of getting the flu and lessens the severity should one get ill.

Anything else regarding the importance of vaccinations for influenza that you think is important for our readers to know?

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Flu activity is starting to increase across the United States, so if you have not yet had your flu vaccine, now is the time!

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