Published: Sat, December 08, 2018
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Israel tells Lebanon and United Nations peacekeepers to destroy 'attack' tunnel

Israel tells Lebanon and United Nations peacekeepers to destroy 'attack' tunnel

The tunnel originated under a residential building in the southern Lebanese village of Ramieh. They were seen operating in what looked like a construction site, with trucks bringing in equipment and drills and bulldozers digging in the open territory and farmlands inside northern Israel.

Hezbollah's tunnels were part of a larger plan to invade the Galilee region in northern Israel.

Ali Bazzi, a lawmaker from Berri's parliamentary bloc, said Israel had no evidence to its claims, calling them a "distraction" and an attempt by Netanyahu to "evade" possible new indictment at home for corruption charges.

But the Israeli operation has focused attention on a frontier across which Israel and Hezbollah last fought a war in 2006.

The UN peacekeeping mission in Lebanon will on Thursday send a fact-finding mission to Israel after its military launched an operation to destroy alleged cross-border tunnels built by Lebanese Shia militant group Hezbollah, UNIFIL said on Wednesday.

Netanyahu addressed the work of UNIFIL to the ambassador's on Thursday, calling on the force to expand its role on the Israeli-Lebanese border.

"The regular Tripartite meeting" had been scheduled before the IDF launched its operation at its northern border overnight on Monday, said the statement. Kochavi retorted, "I'm sorry my friend, we think entirely differently, UNIFIL don't enter villages and cities [and are therefore not as aware of the situation as the IDF is]".

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Israel can act with impunity as Lebanon lacks political weight internationally, while any forceful response by the Lebanese Army or Hezbollah in defense of its sovereignty would result in Lebanon being sent back "to the middle ages".

According to the unnamed diplomatic source, Russian and Israeli efforts inside Syria have seriously impacted Hezbollah's missile program, with the terror group only managing to convert a "few dozen" ordinary missiles into precision-guided ones.

He said discussions included Israeli "activities south of the Blue Line looking for suspected tunnels". "It's now clear that Iran used its windfall from the Obama Iran nuclear deal to arm Hezbollah for an all-out war against Israel, and that the United States must do more to undo the damage of that deal. Sen". Anyone who attacks us, his blood be on his own head. "Hezbollah knows that and Hamas knows it too".

The IDF located a second Hezbollah terror tunnel and called on the LAF and UNIFIL to destroy it.

"What we're facing is one big enemy. They declare so openly everyday".

The public identification of Iran isn't likely to surprise global observers, but signals aggressive moves by the Trump administration to tie Iran to the rise of terrorism not just in Israel, but across the Middle East, where Iranian-backed militants continue to strike US interests and allies.

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