Published: Sat, December 08, 2018
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‘Hades’ Is The Latest Isometric Action Game From Supergiant

‘Hades’ Is The Latest Isometric Action Game From Supergiant

If they can persuade those triple-A publishers who haven't yet begun publishing PC titles on their own stores, like Electronic Arts, Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft and Microsoft, then the outlook for Steam may be worse than anyone could have imagined just a short while ago.

Epic announced on its website last night that starting on December 14th and lasting through 2019, the Epic Games store will give away a game for free every two weeks. Darksiders 3, Subnautica and Super Meat Boy are all scheduled to launch on the service later this month, too, which brings us nicely onto the Free Game Initiative. It remains to be seen how good the free games offered are in the future, but Subnautica and Super Meat Boy are decent enough to start.

Epic said it would charge less commission for listing games, so more cash would be returned to developers.

Satisfactory did have a Steam page but Coffee Stain have pulled that and explained on YouTube that they now plan to release their Factorio 'em up exclusively through Epic's store.

Grace Millane: Police Search For British Tourist Missing in New Zealand
He said they were waiting for the British banks to update them on when Grace Millane's credit cards were last used. However she was travelling alone when she came to New Zealand about two weeks ago.

Top players of the hugely popular Magic: The Gathering card game will soon be able to take each other on in two separate pro-leagues.

Overseen by Wizards of the Coast, which created the game, these will let players of the physical card game and its PC equivalent compete for a slice of a $10m (£7.8m) prize pot.

The other notable thing about the Epic Games store is its revenue split with game developers, which is closer to the generous terms of an than it is with Steam. These include Journey which before now had been a Sony PlayStation exclusive. "More importantly, we think what we can build while taking your feedback into account will be much better than if we were to work in relative secrecy until it was done".

If you want to try the game yourself, it's available right now for $20 on the Epic Games Store.

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