Published: Sat, December 08, 2018
Entertaiment | By Mabel Barber

Ariana Grande Is Naturally Obsessed With Jeff Goldblum’s ‘Thank U, Next’ Spoof

Ariana Grande Is Naturally Obsessed With Jeff Goldblum’s ‘Thank U, Next’ Spoof

The new track is flawless if you've had "thank u, next" absolutely lodged in your head for the past few weeks and feel like a slight change in lyrics, just to shake things up a bit. The Late Late Show host effortlessly sings about Goldblum's decades-long career while in a variety of eye-catching outfits.

The host sang a fantastic parody of Ariana Grande's Thank U Next in a love letter to gest Jeff Goldblum.

The Late Late Show presenter performed the hit song in a parody version, in which he praised Jeff Goldblum by singing 'Thank u, Jeff'.

Ariana Grande's single "Thank U, Next" has officially reached cultural phenomenon status. In one scene the Brit wears a silky-smooth pair of silk pajamas, while he peruses his "Burn Book" filled with pictures of Jeff in films like Jurassic Park, Thor: Ragnarok and Independence Day.

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As with Ariana Grande's music video, it references "Mean Girls" throughout. Starring Jeff Goldblum and James Corden, no less.

The clip also features Goldblum playing the Mrs George stage-mum role first played by Amy Poehler and, more recently, by Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner. "It's for a friend, promise".

Replying to the video on Twitter, the singer wrote: "Omg...may I please..."

Watch the hilarious video above!

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