Published: Fri, December 07, 2018
Research | By Jody Lindsey

Endangered monk seal spotted with eel stuck up its nose

Endangered monk seal spotted with eel stuck up its nose

"We have reported on this phenomenon before which was first noted a few years back".

" might not have been a good one for you but it had to have been better than an eel in your nose", the Hawaiian Monk Seal Research Program captioned the weird photo this week.

According to the team with the Hawaiian Monk Seal Research Program, the unusual phenomenon has been seen a handful of times in the past - each with the same outcome.

Or if the seal brought the eel out to the surface to eat the prey, the eel could have whipped around and got into the nose, Littnan said.

Apparently, eels getting stuck in seals noses happens occasionally, but no one is certain as to why.

According to the final post in this saga, researchers were able to trap the seal and extract a 60cm-long goddamn eel from its nose, noting that it "was surprising as only about 10cm were hanging out" of its nose before extraction.

And, the phenomenon has only popped up recently. This whole situation could just be a "weird anomaly" or a "crazy statistical quirk, and we may never see it again", he added.

So far this year, the experts say 30 pups have been born in the region.

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According to National Geographic, Hawaiian monk seals' average lifespan is 25 to 30 years in the wild.

This is up significantly from the previous record set in 2013, when 21 pups were born.

Good news, though, at least for the seal.

'By not specifying pup locations in our social media posts, we can help keep disturbance to a minimum, ' NOAA revealed in a recent update. "Seals before eels, bruh"laughed a second".

Either way, all can agree it doesn't look comfortable.

A juvenile Hawaiian Monk Seal found itself in a spot of bother earlier this week when a sizeable eel became lodged in its nose. Alternatively, the seal could have swallowed the eel and regurgitated it so that the eel came out the wrong way.

The NOAA suggested that perhaps the seal had cornered the eel and the slippery creature tried to defend itself or escape before becoming the seal's lunch.

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