Published: Wed, December 05, 2018
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Surveillance video appears to show children being dropped over border wall

Surveillance video appears to show children being dropped over border wall

The remaining migrants were taken by bus to the new shelter about 10 miles (15 kilometers) from the border crossing at Otay Mesa and 14 miles (22 kilometers) from San Ysidro, near where people line up to file applications for asylum in the United States.

Just before dusk, three thin people squeezed through the fence on the beach and were quickly picked up by the US Border Patrol, witnesses said.

The attempt to cross into the USA illegally came just days after the migrants were transferred from one temporary shelter to another after it had become unsanitary.

Tourists and visitors have been cancelling planned trips to the Mexican state of Baja California since the border crossing shut down briefly a week ago, and according to tour-friendly business owners, many fear getting trapped in Mexico should the crossing close again, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported Sunday. But that's what we see every day. Mexican authorities arrested and deported those they considered responsible for compromising the city's commitment to public order.

But about 90 minutes later, she and her children were seen on the USA side of the border, according to the report.

He told Fox News that Tijuana can not continue providing support for the migrants, saying the city's resources have been depleted.

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"We have a challenging and still potentially volatile situation in Tijuana". Eighty-five percent of those are crossing illegally between ports of entry, and all lured by the fact that our legal framework has huge gaps that create the opportunity to stay in the U.S. while awaiting a court hearing even if they don't have a lawful permission or protection claim.

'We've got criminal organizations profiting off of vulnerable families, charging $5,000-$7,000 per person, ' he said. "We've got to stop it".

Since mid-October, thousands of Central Americans, mostly from Honduras, have traveled north through Mexico in a caravan, some walking much of the long trek.

Some migrants may hope to defeat the odds and penetrate one of the most fortified sections of the southern U.S. border.

The family shown entering the U.S. illegally in the video from Yuma sector did so at a point that lies within the 27-mile zone that has already been designated and funded for replacement.

Officials said conditions at the Benito Juárez sports complex on the border had become untenable after parts of it had flooded.

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