Published: Wed, December 05, 2018
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Major Fortnite announcements will come at The Game Awards

Major Fortnite announcements will come at The Game Awards

According to the initial post, developers who publish games via the Epic store will receive a flat share of 88 percent of their sales revenue.

"As a developer ourselves, we have always wanted a platform with great economics that connects us directly with our players", said Epic Games founder and CEO, Tim Sweeney in a prepared statement.

Last week, Valve announced changes to the revenue split within the Steam Store, cutting its take as a game's profit steadily increases. The company will cover the first 5% paid out through the revenue-sharing program per game for the first two years. "In our analysis, stores charging 30 per cent are marking up their costs by 300 to 400 per cent", he revealed. Games that generate between $10 million and $50 million in revenue will only see 25% of that revenue taken by Valve.

Sweeney also states that Epic plans to keep things simple, shedding the need for social components and store-wide digital rights management (DRM) while supporting developers with their online features. The initial announcement has drawn attention and praise from throughout the video game industry for a surprisingly thorough and favorable arrangement for publishers, particularly independent publishers, on the platform.

Fortnite Creative movie
Epic Games is launching an Android game store in 2019 with 88% revenue share

The aim of the tweaks to the Steam commission structure is to provide a bigger incentive for the big games companies to stick with the platform, rather than set-up their own. "We've recently worked with GOG on making classic Epic Games titles available and we're planning to bring more of them to the store in their original glory".

We'll have an approval process for new developers to go through to release a title. As a result of this, the company ended-up recommending users to install its game from outside the Play Store, including from third-party Android app stores. It's been a conundrum for many digital storefronts and doesn't appear to be going away. They also have a generous refund policy outlined - a no-questions-asked chance to return a game within 14 days.

Creative will be a greatly expanded version of the existing Playground mode and allows you to build your own levels and create your own mini-games, in what sounds like nod to fellow child-friendly games such as Minecraft and Roblox.

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