Published: Tue, December 04, 2018
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UAE passport ranked most powerful globally

UAE passport ranked most powerful globally

Passport Index, which ranked the documents, said the Middle Eastern state moved into the top spot after four more countries were added to its list of visa-free destinations from December 1.

Singaporean and German passports both allow entry without prior visas to 166 countries, according to the online index, while a host of western European nations, the US and South Korea come next with access to 165.

The United Arab Emirates has emerged as the country with the most powerful passport, overtaking Singapore and Germany.

It has raced up the passport ranking - a year ago it didn't even feature in the top ten.

The UAE government hailed the new Passport Index ranking as an "exceptional achievement", which coincides with the "Year of Zayed" and country's 47th National Day.

The UAE passport holder can travel to 167 countries without the need for pre-visa requirements, which is 84 per cent of the number of countries listed in the index.

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The positive impact of ease of travel not only makes it possible for UAE nationals to travel freely for tourism, but also has economic, developmental and even humanitarian benefits, by facilitating trade and economic investment for individuals and institutions.

Behind these rankings is the Canada-based global consultancy company Arton Capital.

Eleven countries tied for third place at 165 countries each, including Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Norway, South Korea, and the U.S.

DUBAI: In a new historic achievement, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) passport has become the strongest passport and now ranked first globally. Belgium, Austria, Japan, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland, Ireland and Canada and United Kingdom 5.

At the very bottom of the table, the least-powerful passports are Iraq and Afghanistan, granting visa-free access to only 32 and 29 countries respectively. India ranks 67, with visa-free access to 23 countries, and visa-on-arrival in 41 countries.

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