Published: Mon, December 03, 2018
Entertaiment | By Mabel Barber

Ariana Grande Tweets "Love Doesn't Exist" While Hungry

Ariana Grande Tweets

The pop sensation has gone through a tough time since Mac's (26) passing, the stress reportedly leading to her break off her engagement with Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson, E!

"Wearing a pink velour tracksuit and wielding a camcorder, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians momager takes over Amy Poehler's memorable role in a Mean Girls parody scene featuring the Plastics" Christmas-themed high school talent show dance. "From the get-go, Ariana was like, 'I'm gonna have Alexa [Luria] as Karen, and Courtney [Chipolone] as Gretchen, and Liz [Gillies] as Cady'".

Ariana Grande's much-hyped video was released on Friday and exceeded every expectation we had for it.

The song pays homage to several of Ari's former flames and she manages to bring them into the video too, sticking photos of them into her Burn Book alongside messages.

BTS' "IDOL" music video, the previous record-holder, reportedly amassed 45.9 million views during its first twenty-four hours.

Oil shock: Qatar announces Opec exit days before pivotal meeting
He said geopolitics was not factor in the decision. "I assure you this purely was a decision on what's right for Qatar long term". He added that Qatar would still attend the Opec meeting in Vienna that starts on Thursday and will set oil policy for next year.

"Actually. I don't want no 'next, ' " she wrote, per outlets.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande. 'Thank u, next' also made waves on another digital platform, Vevo.

Reese Witherspoon, who helmed Legally Blonde, was also impressed.

Ending on a bang, Kris Jenner shouts "thank you next, bitch", at the end of the video. eliciting a massive response from fans everywhere, with Grande tweeting out that she'd love to make the line her text tone. Even if viewers don't like the singer, they are drawn in by the movies portrayed in the video.

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