Published: Sat, December 01, 2018
Industry | By Terrell Bush

New Android Auto update brings enhanced media and messaging services

New Android Auto update brings enhanced media and messaging services

The new media features are now available for Google Play Books, Google Play Music, iHeartRadio, Pocket Casts, and Spotify, with more supported apps coming soon. Large album art is visible so you can easily find and select what you want to listen to.

All of these changes are applicable to both the standalone app experience and the connected in-car experience, which continues to be one of the strengths of Android Auto. Just say "OK Google, play 80s music" or "OK Google, play Lilt" to view even more categorized search results from your app right on the screen.

In addition to the message preview we touched on yesterday, Android Auto now supports apps that use MMS and RCS while will include group messaging support and possibly picture messaging, although that seems counter productive to what Android Auto is created to do. Amazon Music has more than two million songs for your listening pleasure, according to the listing, and the TV interface doesn't look too bad, either. This means you will be able to get modern features like group messaging with people that also have RCS apps on their phone.

Google also says that improvements are on the way to Android Auto's voice search.

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Do you use Android Auto? The new messaging features are available in Messages, Hangouts and Whatsapp with the promise of more messaging apps to be added in the "coming months".

Here's the list of compatible apps for Android Auto, including all those music, media, and messaging apps.

Android Auto is receiving a number of promising new features, including wireless connectivity, group messaging, and Google Assistant built-in. The updates will roll out in the next few days. This message previewing capability is optional and you can enable it via Android Auto's settings menu.

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