Published: Sat, December 01, 2018
Industry | By Terrell Bush

MIcrosoft's Office Mobile apps on Windows 10 gain a new pen feature

MIcrosoft's Office Mobile apps on Windows 10 gain a new pen feature

The suite from 2013 is pretty unrecognizable compared to the most recent versions of the software: Office now boasts features that encourage collaboration between people across countries, supports AI-powered tools that make virtually everything easier, and even has added brand new applications including Microsoft Teams, which may not have even been a thought five years ago. It is to note that the change to the icons does not mean any functional improvements.

"From the get-go, we embraced Office's rich history and used it to inform design decisions".

"We also used gestalt principles to further emphasise key product changes. While each icon has a unique and identifiable symbol, there are connections within each app's symbol and the collective suite".

Microsoft has decoupled the letter and the symbol in the icons, essentially creating two panels (one for the letter and one for the symbol) that can be paired or separated.

Separating these into two panels also adds depth, which sparks opportunities in 3D contexts.

For instance, the Excel icon has been redesigned into a rectangular shape to reflect the spreadsheets, while Powerpoint has a circular pie chart and Outlook has a mail envelope as its icon, Engadget reported.

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We can also see changes to the News, Calculator and Calendar icons, which in many ways herald a partial return to skeuomorphism.

One of the striking changes is the decoupling of the letter and symbol.

The new app icon designs certainly look more modern, but still retain their familiarity. The new icons will reach apps and the web in the coming months.

But regardless of your operating system preferences, Microsoft Office is still the best productivity suite out there. It'll streamlining the ribbon and carrying over its Fluent Design from Windows 10 to the Office apps.

According to The Verge, Outlook for mobile will be getting an update soon, so maybe it will feature elements of this new design.

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