Published: Sat, December 01, 2018
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Klipsch enters smart speaker race with ‘The Three | Google Assistant’

Klipsch enters smart speaker race with ‘The Three | Google Assistant’

The company is also expanding the holiday magic with new support for using Google Assistant to call Santa Claus. You can experience its presence by asking a question like, "Hey Google, please set a timer for five minutes". There's no setting to enable or disable - the Assistant just has additional responses when you ask nicely. Some new Christmas stories have been added to Assistant's story time feature, and you can also create new gift lists via Assistant in addition to adding items to specific gift lists. If you celebrated Christmas as a kid, then chances are that a phone call with the big guy was right at the top of your bucket list. If you use Nest video doorbells, you'll now be able to communicate back and forth with the person standing at your front door by tapping the blue "Talk" button.

First up, the ability to create better lists and takes notes with the digital assistant. The feature is built-in directly in the Google Assistant, but Google has plans to roll out support for Google Keep,, Bring! (Nest Labs is a subsidiary of Google.) So now you can screen your visitors to let guests in and deliveries get handled, while avoiding solicitors and other uninvited rabble.

Sharing photos: Google Photos is another feature on Smart Displays that can show you past holiday memories with family and friends. This is available starting today with select songs. That's because, one, it's a fabulous product that sits snugly in T3's best smart speakers guide and, two, Argos has just knocked a whopping £50 off its price. Therefore, it is also bringing the Broadcast Replies feature.

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Other new offerings are additions to Amazon SageMaker , an AWS managed service that handles machine learning workflows. Users can train reinforcement learning models in an online simulator and then test-drive them on DeepRacer.

That and its £450 price tag certainly set Klipsch's offering apart from the more compact and affordable Amazon Echos and Sonos Ones of the smart speaker world, so if you're looking for an obedient speaker that has a bit more muscle than the most popular players, this could be worth consideration.

Assistant's "Broadcast" feature is neat-just say "Hey Google, Broadcast some words " and it will send a recording of your voice saying those words to all the Google Homes in your house. Starting next week, Google will also add the ability for those at home to reply using their own voice.

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