Published: Sat, December 01, 2018
Industry | By Terrell Bush

Google May Be Shutting Down Hangouts For Consumers Sometime In 2020

Google May Be Shutting Down Hangouts For Consumers Sometime In 2020

Now it looks like Hangouts may be on the way out.

9to5Google said that based on a "source familiar with the product's internal roadmap", Google Hangouts as a consumer product will come to an end in 2020. After years of indications that such a move could be imminent, Google may finally be shutting down its Hangouts platform for consumers.

As mentioned, Google already offers replacement apps for this. While the original google Hangouts Web and Android apps remained functional, they received few updates besides big fices, and it was only a matter of time till the firm killed it off for real. Google first announced back in 2016 that it was refocusing Hangouts for use in the enterprise space, and then in March 2017, two new services were announced in the form of Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet - a Slack competitor and video chat platform, respectively.

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Users complain about bugs and slow performance; it seems likely that Google won't address these concerns anymore if the rumor is true.

Google's yet to officially comment on this news, but don't be surprised if we get an announcement at some point next year confirming that Hangouts is on its way out the door. As 9to5Google noted, there hasn't been any movement on development for the app in some time, and Google removed Hangouts' support for SMS in May of past year.

There's also Chat, its RCS product that is expected to launch with Verizon in 2019. Google removed SMS functionality in the classic Hangouts app a year ago.

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