Published: Fri, November 30, 2018
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AWS Launches Machine Learning Service to Mine Patient Data

AWS Launches Machine Learning Service to Mine Patient Data

Other new offerings are additions to Amazon SageMaker, an AWS managed service that handles machine learning workflows.

AWS said it will help developers get rolling with machine learning with AWS DeepRacer, a new 1/18th scale autonomous model race vehicle for developers, driven by reinforcement learning. Racers can also compete in virtual events and tournaments throughout the year by entering time trials on special tracks in the AWS DeepRacer simulator, available in the AWS Management Console. The fastest times advanced to the final where Rick Fish, co-founder of Jigsaw XYZ, from London, England, emerged victorious, taking the DRL Cup with a winning lap time of 51:50.

E-retail giant Amazon is trying to get deeper into the health space and for that, the company has launched a new Machine Learning software for analysing medical records which will help in better treatments of the patients and also in reducing the expenditure.

The new SageMaker updates include SageMaker RL, which was created to make it easier for developers to build, train and deploy machine learning tools, including low cost, automatic data labeling and reinforcement learning (RL). With this move, AWS can now be seen as embracing the hybrid cloud ecosystem.

The second product announced by Amazon was the AWS Managed Blockchain. Users can train reinforcement learning models in an online simulator and then test-drive them on DeepRacer. But the reality is many larger firms are not willing to give up their beloved data centres entirely, preferring incremental changes to preserve functionality for customers and employees. The mi-market is "far more willing to accept a new player at scale for this and were first to adapt AWS in the first place", Enderle said.

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Baidu founder Robin Li said in August that he was confident his company would beat Google upon its return. Pichai has said that Google's China-compliant search engine is not a done deal.

Prepackaged machine learning models for common business tasks-demand forecasting, data preparation, natural language processing-can now be purchased in AWS Marketplace and deployed to Amazon SageMaker.

In September, reports circulated that Google was challenging Microsoft's on-prem services and developing custom-designed computers for businesses to run in their data centers. AWS Outposts is a fully managed and configurable compute and storage racks built with AWS-designed hardware, that allow customers to run compute and storage on-premises, while seamlessly connecting to the rest of AWS's broad array of services in the cloud.

Their new program, dubbed Amazon Comprehend Medical, is capable of using machine learning to extract and read data from patients' records, which will help medical professionals identify important information and help practitioners make informed decisions with their patients. These customers would like to be able to run AWS compute and storage on-premises, and also easily and seamlessly integrate these on-premises workloads with the rest of their applications in the AWS Cloud.

Amazon CTO Werner Vogels speaks at Amazon Web Services re:Invent 2018. However, Outposts brings AWS' infrastructure into customer on-premises environments. To learn more about AWS, visit AWS Outposts will initially come in two variants.

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