Published: Sat, November 17, 2018
Medical | By Johnnie Horton

Antibiotic resistance costing Canada $1 billion per year: IPAC

Antibiotic resistance costing Canada $1 billion per year: IPAC

Antibiotic resistance develops when the outcome of their application change the bacteria: the bacteria becomes immune to the antibiotics used to treat infections caused by it.

Infections such as pneumonia, tuberculosis and gonorrhoea are becoming harder to treat as the antibiotics used to treat them become less effective. To help stop the misuse of antibiotics, IDPH is leading the statewide Precious Drugs & Scary Bugs Campaign to promote appropriate antibiotic use in doctors' offices.

World Antibiotics Awareness Week, which takes place November 12 to 18 and is managed by the World Health Organisation, aims to increase global awareness of antibiotic resistance and prevent it spreading further. People should also take the complete course of antibiotics prescribed according to the physician's instructions, even if they feel better. Medical doctor Mario Panaligan, president of the Philippine Society for Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, said that while antibiotics have served as the cornerstone of modern medicine, it could lead to adverse effects when misused.

"Drugs especially antibiotics are poisons, the more you take it the more you give the body system work to do".

Wright also said, "And that's the issue that we're finding right now, that there are increasingly bacteria in the clinic where we use lots of antibiotics that are unresponsive to all the drugs that we have available to us".

"So we can have a cancer drug that may extend somebody's life by six months and that can cost between $5,000 and $100,000", he said, "And on the other hand, we can have an antibiotic that will fully save somebody's life and we get up in arms if that drug costs any more than $1,000". Last year, a new and comprehensive European Union action plan on antimicrobial resistance was adopted, setting the Commission's objectives to tackle it in human health, animal health and environment policies.

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Because one of the main reasons for the development of antibiotic resistance is overuse of antibiotics and lack of treatment.

"Even a simple thing like treating a urinary tract infection - now we're having to rely on an alternate line of treatment because we're running out of antibiotic options".

Currently, farmers can give an entire herd medicine if one animal becomes unwell, but this is a prime cause of growing antibiotic resistance, the letter warned.

Antimicrobial resistance - or AMR - is a global threat, with an estimated 700,000 people dying from resistant infections every year. Furthermore, they found that 39% of the health burden is caused by bacteria that are resistant to last-line antibiotics such as carbapenems and colistin, making them nearly impossible to treat.

Avoid visiting people in hospital if you are unwell yourself. Ministry of Health in collaboration with the World Health Organization is spearheading the advocacy and awareness activities in Thimphu, and other hospitals in 9 districts.

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