Published: Thu, November 15, 2018
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Canadian PM Trudeau Says In Talks With Pakistan Over Asia Bibi

Canadian PM Trudeau Says In Talks With Pakistan Over Asia Bibi

Bibi always maintained her innocence, but spent most of the past eight years in solitary confinement. The neighbors claimed later that Bibi had committed blasphemy by insulting the prophet Mohammed.

Saif Ul Malook, Asia Bibi's lawyer, was forced to flee to the Netherlands.

Scottish church leaders have urged the UK Government to offer asylum to a Pakistani Christian woman facing threats to her life after being acquitted of blasphemy.

Bibi, a mother of five who is believed to now be in her 50's, has been blocked from leaving the country amid a wave of protests over her acquittal. Muslim labourers objected to her touching the water bowl as a non-Muslim.

Pakistan's high court recently overturned Bibi's conviction and ordered her release in a decision that triggered public outrage and protests across the predominantly Muslim country.

"FM Qureshi said that Asia Bibi is our national and Pakistan fully respects her legal rights", Dr Faisal said while quoting the Pakistani foreign minister.

Chaudhry said the images misidentifying Bibi also prompted the death threats to a lawmaker in one photograph, Fazal Khan from the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Party.

A deal with Islamist parties ended three days of protests up and down the country included a concession to begin court proceedings that would put Asia Bibi on the country's no-fly list.

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Neither can there be any guarantee that her husband and children can survive the tsunami of hate directed at this unfortunate family when both the governor of Punjab and Pakistan's minorities minister, the only Christian in the cabinet, were murdered for opposing her conviction and the blasphemy law.

Maule explained that the United Kingdom had refused to grant Bibi and her family asylum because, in essence, the government is afraid of potential uprisings and protests from Islamic extremists within the country.

At Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday, the Prime Minister, Theresa May, told MPs that the Government's "primary concern is for the safety and security of Asia Bibi and her family".

Canada has said talks are under way about allowing her to go there.

The letter states: "We stand with the Christian community in Pakistan and request that the UK Government takes action to protect minority faith communities and ensure justice for all".

'Unfortunately, threats are being made against Dutch people, Dutch diplomats, ' he said.

"There is a need to check the unchecked social media and bring it within the ambit of law", he said, adding that fake news and fake notifications come up from fake accounts on social media on nearly daily basis and needed to be checked.

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