Published: Sat, November 10, 2018
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Trump insults reporters, claims Acosta video wasn't altered

Trump insults reporters, claims Acosta video wasn't altered

Looking back at Mr Acosta, who again rose up in his own defense, Mr Trump added: "When you report fake news, which CNN does a lot, you are the enemy of the people".

On Friday, the president lambasted CNN White House correspondent Abby D. Phillip after she questioned him about special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation probe after the appointment of Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general.

After Jimmy Kimmel introduced his gag for the Ruth Bader Gins-bubble, both he and Stephen Colbert called for Sarah Huckabee Sanders to be fired as White House press secretary over her promotion of doctored footage.

Thursday night was a hectic night for late show hosts between the situation with Ruth Bader Ginsburg's hospitalization and the White House revoking press credentials for CNN's Jim Acosta.

CNN's other White House reporters and producers have been unaffected by the action against Acosta. Acosta made a decision to ask Trump why he seemingly "demonized" the immigrants traveling to the American border at the moment. Instead, Acosta continued with a second question about the Russian investigation, which Trump shrugged off with another curt answer.

"When you say 'doctored, ' you're a dishonest guy", Trump told the reporter on November 9.

A day after Diwali, Delhi records worst air quality of the year
Last month, the Supreme Court allowed the use of "green" firecrackers for Diwali, but only for two hours in the evening. Forecasts suggest the air quality across northern cities will remain very poor till Sunday.

On Wednesday, Trump accused Yamiche Alcindor, PBS NewsHour White House correspondent, of asking a "racist question" when she inquired about the public perception that he was "emboldening white nationalists" on the campaign trail. "You've got to treat the White House and the presidency with respect". During the press conference, he told her to sit down because he hadn't called on her. "But she's very nasty, and she shouldn't be" he said.

Acosta also wanted to know why Trump "demonized immigrants" in the weeks leading up to Tuesday's midterm elections, suggesting - though he didn't actually say so - that it was some kind of political ploy.

I don't remember any "without evidence" headlines in the media when Obama was pushing ObamaCare and telling the American people in speech after speech that they would be able to keep their doctors and health insurance, do you? "But I watch you a lot, you ask a lot of stupid questions", Trump sneered. She gets publicity, and then she gets a pay raise, or she gets a contract with, I think, CNN. Every time a member of the media behaves like Acosta, they're not only damaging the media's credibility; they're playing into Trump's hands. "In fact, she asked the most pertinent question of the day", CNN said.

"But that is not the job of White House reporters. To be honest. You aren't the best", he hit back.

At the press conference, NBC News reporter Peter Alexander tried to stand up for Acosta, saying he was a "diligent reporter".

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