Published: Sat, November 10, 2018
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Trudeau apologized to the Jews

Trudeau apologized to the Jews

He said that those who rejected the desperate refugees should bear "moral responsibility for their death" arguing that "there is a little doubt that our silence permitted the Nazis to come up with their own, "final solution" to the so-called Jewish problem".

Trudeau called on all Canadians to stand up against those "xenophobic and anti-Semitic attitudes".

Canada's Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau - a man who is willing to say the most progressive, laudable things imaginable, provided he doesn't have to do anything - has steadfastly refused to cancel Canada's planned $15 billion sale of antipersonnel weapons to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, despite the incipient genocide in Yemen and the Kingdom's practice of dismembering critical journalists. But it is our collective responsibility to acknowledge this hard truth, learn from this story, and continue to fight against antisemitism every day, as we give meaning to the solemn vow: "'Never again'".

"I want to start by congratulating all the candidates who stepped forward in the U.S. midterms and highlight the historic number of women who were elected in yesterday's elections", Trudeau said.

Standing in the Canadian parliament chamber, Trudeau spoke in both English and French as he apologized. Critics wonder what work it does, who benefits and whether saying "sorry" is ever really enough.

The attack was believed to be the deadliest antisemitic attack in recent American history.

The question of immigration and refugees today is not likely to be lost in the apology.

"Holocaust deniers still exist", he said. "Anti-Semitism is still far too present", he said.

He condemned the attacks in Pittsburgh as a "heinous anti-Semitic act of violence".

'Germany, France, Britain, US and Saudi Arabia listened to Khashoggi tapes'
Erdoğan also called on Saudi officials to do their part to reveal the unanswered parts of the dissident journalist's murder. Turkish sources have said previously that authorities have an audio recording purportedly documenting the murder.

Justin Trudeau apologized on behalf of Canada, for the historically unfair treatment of Jewish refugees.

The story of the M.S. St. Louis has always been a source of shame for a country that likes to think of itself as a refuge.

On Board of the ship "St. Louis" with the German Jews that arrived in the canadian port of Halifax on 7 June of the 39th year, there were 907 asylum seekers. The boat made it to Cuba, but the Jewish refugees were not allowed to disembark. They looked for refuge in Cuba and the USA but were turned away. The ship sailed back to Europe, where hundreds died in the Holocaust.

"Of all the allied countries, Canada would admit the fewest Jews between 1933 and 1945".

Trudeau pledged to listen to the request, but didn't provide further details. One of the victims, 75-year-old Joyce Fienberg, grew up in Toronto and had ties to the city's Jewish community. Despite the repeated calls by the government's two Jewish caucus members.

"It will not bring back my relatives, or offer me any solace".

Before the apology, Trudeau met with Ana Maria Gordon, a St. Louis passenger who lives in Canada, to talk about how the country could fight antisemitism.

"The Jewish community needs committed and concerted action on the part of government to combat the rising tides of anti-Semitism so that, hopefully, there will be no need for apologies in the future", he said.

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