Published: Sat, November 10, 2018
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Stanley Johnson Gives Instant Reaction As Jo Johnson Resigns From Government

Stanley Johnson Gives Instant Reaction As Jo Johnson Resigns From Government

The MP for Orpington is brother to Boris Johnson, the Brexit-supporting former Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary - but, like sister Rachel, was himself a Remain supporter during Britain's referendum on European Union membership in 2016.

"We are barrelling towards an incoherent Brexit that is going to leave us trapped in a subordinate relationship to the EU".

It was "imperative" to "go back to the people and check they are content to proceed on this extraordinary basis".

Calling Theresa May's Brexit deal "a bad mistake", the minister of state for transport quit his post, claiming the United Kingdom economy would suffer from May's Brexit agreement.

Calling for a second referendum to be held on Brexit, Mr Johnson denounced the choice between her deal or no-deal as a "failure of British statecraft on a scale unseen since the Suez crisis" that had left Britain facing "vassalage" or "chaos".

Jenny Chapman, Shadow Brexit Minister, said: "Jo Johnson is the eighteenth minister to resign from Theresa May's government".

The former foreign secretary and his Remain-supporting brother were on opposite sides of the Brexit divide but were "united in dismay" at the "intellectually and politically indefensible" UK position.

The only alternative on the table, he said, is a no-deal Brexit that would "inflict untold damage" on Britain.

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His departure spells trouble for the prime minister's hopes of getting her deal through parliament.

Johnson, who was pictured with his father Stanley outside BBC Broadcasting House in London this morning, said: 'I know many are reflecting hard about the deal that's looming and how they will respond to it but it's obviously for each of them to work out how best to respond.

Mr Johnson, who voted to remain in the European Union in the 2016 referendum, stood down as Theresa May's prospective deal with Brussels was being presented to Cabinet ministers.

While Johnson's resignation is likely to spur critics in the Conservative Party, securing a second referendum would also require support from the Labour Party, which is yet to fully clarify its stance on a referendum and what that could entail in terms of the question put to the public.

When we get the final deal, and it feels like that's not very far away, Cabinet ministers will have to look into their hearts and see whether or not they feel they can support it. Meanwhile, a spokesman for May's office says there will not be a second referendum on Brexit under any circumstances.

Cabinet ministers have presented Theresa May with a detailed plan for a no-deal Brexit amid increasing fears MPs will vote down her deal in the House of Commons. He has resigned on an issue of principle putting the country before his party and his own career.

"Out of all the Johnsons I have known, he is the most reflective", he added.

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