Published: Sat, November 10, 2018
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Divisive Trump era ushers record number of women into House

Divisive Trump era ushers record number of women into House

Donald Trump faced greater restraints on his presidency after Democrats won control of the U.S. House of Representatives and pledged to hold the Republican accountable after a tumultuous two years in the White House.Trump and his fellow Republicans expanded their control of the U.S. Senate in Tuesday's midterm elections, following a divisive campaign marked by fierce clashes over race and immigration.But they lost their majority in the House, a setback for Trump after a campaign that became a referendum on his leadership.

"I went from the kitchen to Congress", she said.

For Moscow, the Democratic victory means a probable reopening of the congressional investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 us election.

Pelosi, who is expected to make an effort to once again to become House speaker, got an endorsement Wednesday from the president.

"Democratic House gains keep growing and the most favorable Senate map for one party in a century could end up close to a status quo reshuffling", said NPR politics reporter Scott Detrow.

Some Democrats said during their campaigns they would not back Pelosi, but it's not clear yet if there are any Democrats willing to challenge her for the post.

A spokesman for Deutsche Bank said the bank was committed to cooperating with authorized investigations.

In another tweet, Trump lashed out at Republicans that shied away from his agenda and endorsement.

In the Constitution's Article 1, the House and Senate have many responsibilities under the power-sharing relationship between the three branches of the federal government, and the state governments. This after Pelosi's party took back the majority of seats in that body, while GOP deepened its hold on the Senate, in a midterm elections that had everyone declaring victory this morning.

Saints' Michael Thomas Channels Joe Horn With Cellphone TD Celebration
Thomas did the rest of the work taking it into the end zone for a 72-yard touchdown that helped give the Saints a 10-point lead. Horn said he texted Thomas and "thanked him for doing what most athletes in his position would never do".

Democrats notched victories in districts where Trump triumphed two years ago in his upset defeat of Hillary Clinton that gave him a needed edge in the electoral college even though he lost the popular vote by a record margin in 2016. The new leadership of the House of Representatives promise an investigation of questionable and illegal actions of Trump, his Cabinet and a corrupt White House. Special counsel Robert Mueller is zeroing in on his obstruction of justice tactics and other crimes against the nation and its people, who said at the polls that they want a change. Wallace also suggested Ingraham was being hypocritical, saying that if she gives Republicans credit for keeping the Senate, she must also give the Democrats credit for flipping the House.

"I plan to shine a light on waste, fraud, and abuse in the Trump administration", Cummings said on Wednesday.

"After all the hate, all the hate that I've seen recently, that we've all seen, I can't tell you how much this means to me as a former synagogue president", Rosen said. The Trump administration will face a level of scrutiny from Congress that it has not yet faced. She also tamped down liberal cries for Trump's impeachment.

There are a half dozen House committees that have the power to investigate Trump - Intelligence, Oversight, Ways and Means, and Judiciary, among others. That would likely result in court battles.

"CNN should be ashamed of itself, having you working for them", Trump told CNN correspondent Jim Acosta, who wrestled with a White House staffer who forcibly pulled the microphone from his hands.

But Meadows said he fears "there will probably be a lot more subpoenas issued for fishing expeditions that may or may not be based on anything but speculation". "The president's not nervous about anything". At the same time, there could be regular reports about what the committee staff has found in subpoenaed records - perhaps Trump's tax returns, his company's internal financial documents, the records of his various oligarch partners in the former Soviet Union, and e-mails and other digital messages between Trump's team and people in Russian Federation.

Trump on Wednesday reiterated his assertion that the returns could not be released because of an Internal Revenue Service audit.

If the White House doesn't block such requests in court, they could shed light on Trump's global business empire - and what role it's playing in US relations with the world.

The voting is finished and the midterm election is finally over.

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