Published: Fri, November 09, 2018
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VW Tarok Concept Revealed As Pickup With Transforming Bed

VW Tarok Concept Revealed As Pickup With Transforming Bed

The all-wheel-drive crew cab debuted at the Sao Paolo International Motor Show as a concept, but VW says it is set to go on sale almost as-is. It will be the brand's answer to the very popular Fiat Toro pickup in South America.

However, Australia will most likely miss out on the ute with a spokesperson from Volkswagen Australia saying the Tarok isn't suitable for Aussie customers.

If you don't remember the Fun, you need educating: It was a marvelously bonkers bright-yellow pickup whose back seats slid out into the rear deck when you wanted to use them, but folded away when you had large loads to carry.

Aesthetically, the Tarok builds on the updated VW pickup aesthetic established earlier this year by the Atlas Tanoak concept in ny, which in turn was a neat generation leap over the 2010-present Amarok global pickup truck they now produce. While that's a certainty, we're more interested whether the Tarok will arrive in other markets as well.

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The Tarok will initially go on sale in Brazil, but Volkswagen also states that it has the potential to boost its model range in other global markets. VW is quite clear that a production version of this truck is on the way, and the road-going model has "barely any changes" from what's on display here, according to the company.

Tech-wise, the pickup concept gets VW's Digital Cockpit setup, a glass-covered infotainment system and digital air-conditioning controls.

The all-wheel-drive pick-up rides on the VW Group's MQB platform, measures around five metres long (for context, the Amarok is 5 254 mm in length) and has a maximum load of "around one tonne". The mill is designed with a TotalFlex Fuel Unit specifically for the Brazilian market, allowing it to run on pure ethanol (E100) or the E22 blend. However, the production variant will rely on a 2-liter TDI diesel engine making 110 kW (150 PS).

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