Published: Fri, November 09, 2018
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Trump to Dems threatening investigation: 'Two can play that game!'

Trump to Dems threatening investigation: 'Two can play that game!'

Some House Democrats have threatened to use the subpoena power they will gain in January to investigate Mr Trump and administration actions. That's the third-straight election they've done that, and notably this year, all five of the offices were open.

"When you look at the races that we won in Florida, which we weren't expected to win, and Georgia, which we weren't expected to win, and OH, which we weren't expected to win, and won - I mean, you look at some of them, the number of votes that we got is incredible", Trump said. Senator Sherrod Brown showed his party how to compete with Trump on trade and populism, unencumbered by neoliberal claptrap.

But is this similar to the "shellacking" that Democrats got during the Obama administration's first midterms vote in 2010? No.

In extending the Republican majority in the senate to a likely 54 senate seats, Trump is no longer as dependent on the moderate faction of the Republican Party for passing key legislation and confirming appointees. This was particularly evident in the race for governor of Florida.

Democrat Lindsey Williams is clinging to a narrow lead over Republican Jeremy Shaffer for GOP Sen. We impeached President Clinton. He, like the beleaguered Attorney General Jeff Sessions, is a Republican who would put meat on Trump's populist bones, at least as far as immigration is concerned.

And she could play the same role for Trump as he campaigns for reelection in 2020, giving him someone to play off against in legislative battles.

DeWine, the Republican attorney general and a former USA senator, defeated Democrat Richard Cordray. With all precincts reported, unofficial results showed DeWine had almost 51 percent of the vote to 46 percent for the former Consumer Financial Protection Bureau chief. As of Thursday, Kemp had compiled 50.3 percent of the vote to 48.7 percent for Abrams, with the remainder going to a minor party candidate.

But on Thursday, the Gillum campaign said, "It has become clear there are many more uncounted ballots than was originally reported".

"We're trying to find out what we can do protect Mueller in the best way we possibly can", said Waters.

Democrats again scored well in Virginia, which has moved from a solid red state to a purple state to one with in increasingly blue tint. Clinton came within 10 points of Trump in Texas and trailed him by less than 5 points in Georgia.

Record number of women win in the House
LePage vetoed bills five times that would have expanded the state's Medicaid system to an additional 70,000 low-income Mainers. Hoyer plans to run for majority leader, a spokeswoman said on Wednesday, which would keep him in the No. 2 position.

Democrats still have a big disadvantage with white voters in Ohio's small towns and rural places. Husted also has Dayton ties, from attending the University of Dayton and then representing the area in the Statehouse.

Noting that his Republican Party retained control of the upper chamber of the US Congress, he said that if Democrats in the House come after him "we've got a thing called the US Senate".

Trump had aggressively campaigned in the closing days of the race, his focus on boosting Republicans in states he carried in 2016. Cordray only managed to split the vote with DeWine among women and had just a slight edge with voters under age 45.

Marketing consultant Gary Smith of the Columbus suburb of Dublin said Trump was a "big factor" for him, as was a strong economy. Russian Federation has denied interfering in the election and Trump has denied any collusion between his campaign and Moscow. After his decisive 8-percentage-point victory in OH in 2016 and another strong GOP statewide showing Tuesday, the future Democratic presidential nominee might decide to bypass OH in favor of other traditional swing states that appear more inviting.

"But it is going to be conservative for the foreseeable future".

"She's not pushing hard at the moment for impeachment".

Putting Brown on the national ticket would keep OH in the 2020 spotlight.

"Mike, will you be my running mate?" Kamala Harris, Massachusetts Sen.

Republican Senate candidates in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and even OH never really competed.

Internal Revenue Service law allows House and Senate tax-writing committees to request federal returns, and the ranking Ways and Means Democrat, Rep. Richard Neal of MA, has signaled publicly he would ask for them - a move the White House might fight. Six of them, including Conor Lamb of Pennsylvania and Jason Crow of Colorado, said they would call for new leadership in Congress if they were elected, adding to a growing faction of members who oppose Pelosi's speakership bid. He said he won "without compromising" on women's rights, civil rights of LGBTQ rights and without "caving" to Wall Street, drug companies or the gun lobby and instead celebrating the dignity of work.

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