Published: Fri, November 09, 2018
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Helge Ingstad: Warship collides with tanker in fjord

Helge Ingstad: Warship collides with tanker in fjord

Adm. Nils Andreas Stensoenes, the head of the Royal Norwegian Navy, said Thursday during a news conference. According to Norway media reports, frigate sustained heavy damages, water ingress, probably in danger of sinking, all 137 crew evacuated, 7 were slightly injured.

Norwegian navy frigate KNM Helge Instad was crashed into by the other vessel and is rapidly taking on water.

The warship is now in danger of sinking, while the tanker, named the Sola TS, is slightly damaged and did not spill oil.

Eight people received minor injuries in the accident, which took place shortly after 4am (0300 GMT) in a busy waterway in the Hjeltefjord near Bergen, Norway's military said.

Some 10,000 litres of helicopter fuel from the frigate has leaked into the sea after the collision tore a large hole in its side, the military said.

Stensoenes said the ship was "strongly listing" - or leaning to one side - and that it had been pushed by towboats into shallow water, where it can not fully sink.

The Maltese oil tanker was carrying about 625,000 barrels of crude, but officials said none spilled after Thursday's collision.

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Helus will be transported via motorcade from Los Robles Hospital to westbound Janss Road", the department said in a statement. Dean said the suspect was found dead inside the bar with a gunshot wound, but that it was not clear who had fired that shot.

Norway has been forced to close the Sture Oil Terminal near Bergen and has started closing down the nearby Kollsness gas-and-condensate terminal - a lifeline of heating gas to Europe - after an early morning collision between a $440-million frigate and an oil tanker.

The NTB quoted fire officials as saying the frigate was listing.

The tanker, with 23 crew, suffered damage well above the waterline.

Built in Spain in 2009, the KNM Helge Ingstad participated in chemical disarmament operations in Syria between December 2013 and May 2014.

An investigation into the causes of the incident will be launched today, in collaboration with the Defense Accident Investigation Board Norway (DAIBN) and the Marine Safety Investigation Unit (MSIU) from Malta.

Aerial footage taken by Norwegian coastal administration aircraft during the day shows the frigate partially submerged sitting on her starboard side on the rocks.

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