Published: Fri, November 09, 2018
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China unveils new ‘Heavenly Palace space station

China unveils new ‘Heavenly Palace space station

However, China's future space station is about to change everything.

The core module, Tianhe, or Harmony of Heavens, will have three parts: the connecting section, life-support and control section, and resources section.

NASA recently shared a video shot in space aboard the International Space Station that is twice the resolution of those jaw-dropping screens, but it will be a few years before anyone has the hardware necessary to appreciate it.

Roscosmos said Tuesday that one of three computers in the station's Russian module has failed. A small section of the station is already in orbit, and a pair of astronauts visited in 2016, but right now it isn't designed for long-term habitability and has sat unoccupied for two years. Construction is expected to be completed around 2022.

"There is no doubt that China will use its station in a similar way as the ISS partners are using their outpost: research, technology and as a stepping-stone for deep-space exploration", said Chen Lan, a reporter at news portal which is a collaborator of the Chinese space program. "The possibility for them (thanks to China) to send payloads on a platform of manned flight and conducting experiments is something that's extremely valuable", he observes.

Research institutes, universities, and public and private companies have been invited to propose projects. Some 40 plans from 27 countries and regions have been received, according to state media.

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NASA and ESA (European Space Agency) have brought us the veryfirst 8K video from space.

China is investing billions into its space program, flown by the army.

"Many countries, and increasingly private companies and universities, have space programs, but can not afford to build their own space station", he said.

The asian giant will become "one of the great powers of space", but Russia, Japan and India will continue to play a "major role" and "the United States remains the space power dominant" at the present time, writes Bill Ostrove. "But the business issues are becoming increasingly important in the space, and she recognizes the innovation and science as major economic engines".

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