Published: Fri, November 09, 2018
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12 killed in California bar: Shooting suspect was a decorated Marine veteran

12 killed in California bar: Shooting suspect was a decorated Marine veteran

When Long entered, people screamed and fled to all corners of the bar, while a few people threw barstools through the windows and helped dozens to escape, witnesses said.

Investigators are working with the help of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to determine the identity of the shooter and a motive for the shooting.

Zoe Walsh also said that she's angry and heartbroken, and that she's feeling her friend's absence every second.

"(He) said to her, 'Hey I got to go handle a call.

Officials say the suspect, who has not been identified, was found dead inside. A highway patrolman pulled him out and waited for scores of other officers to converge on the bar.

It was sometime after 11 p.m. PST on Wednesday night when Ian David Long, a 28-year-old former U.S. Marine, walked into the Western-themed bar on "College Country Night" and fired off round after round seemingly at random from his.45 caliber Glock handgun equipped with a high-capacity magazine.

The dead included 11 people inside the bar and a veteran sheriff's sergeant who was the first officer inside the door, Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean said.

'We ran back in and we were just pulling stragglers who were still in the parking lot calling people and we were like, "You need to get out of here right now, "' he said.

"He was somewhat irate, acting a little irrationally", Dean said.

Dean said he had been told that 150 to 200 people were in the Borderline at the time Long opened fire, adding: "It could have been much, much worse".

"We have not found any type of assault rifle inside the location", he said.

Authorities do not yet know his name or have any idea of a motive, Dean said.

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Sgt. Ron Helus was among the 12 people killed when a gunman opened fire inside the Borderline Bar & Grill.

"Ron was a hardworking, dedicated sheriff's sergeant", Dean said, according to KABC.

At a press conference, he said his first born son leaves behind "a legacy of love (and) laughter".

Reports said there were around a 100 patrons inside the nightclub when the shooting began.

Multiple victims have been taken to hospital with injuries.

The gunman also died at the scene, though it was not immediately clear how.

President Trump wrote on Twitter that he has been "fully briefed on the awful shooting in California".

Shootings of any kind are very rare in Thousand Oaks, a city of about 130,000 people about 40 miles (64 kilometers) west of Los Angeles, just across the county line.

"The reality is that these types of incidents can happen really at any place, at any time, even in communities that are considered extremely safe".

The bar, popular with students from Pepperdine College and California Lutheran University, was hosting a "college country night" and allows under-21s in on Wednesday nights.

Numerous patrons were local students from nearby California Lutheran University, ages 19 to 25, attending "College Country Night".

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