Published: Thu, November 08, 2018
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White House Suspends Jim Acosta's Press Credentials

White House Suspends Jim Acosta's Press Credentials

The way you treat [White House press secretary] Sarah Huckabee [Sanders] and other people is awful.

"We have been working at the White House for five years covering two administrations", Acosta said to the officer, as he voluntarily gave up his hard pass.

During the news conference, President Trump said Republicans "defied history" to make Senate gains in the USA midterms. "They are not only risky, they are disturbingly un-American", the network said, voicing its support for Acosta and "journalists everywhere".

The Trump administration barred another CNN reporter from attending an open media event in July but until now has not gone as far as removing a credential, known as a "hard pass", which enables journalists to enter the White House grounds.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders has been accused of sharing a "doctored" video of CNN correspondent Jim Acosta's interaction with a White House intern that resulted in the reporter's press pass being revoked.

"When they go low, we keep doing our jobs", Acosta said.

During the tense exchange on Wednesday, Acosta asked Trump about his claim that there was an impending invasion by people in the refugee caravan.

Later, via Twitter, she said that she has interviewed white nationalists who say they are more excited by Mr Trump than they have been about other presidents.

But in the original video, Acosta's arm appears to move only as a response to a tussle for the microphone.

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"When you look at the clip, is that inappropriate touching?" asked Whoopi Goldberg on Thursday.

"I don't believe it", President Trump said. "I'm telling you what the law is".

Acosta continued to ask questions, including whether Trump was "concerned" about potential indictments coming from the Mueller probe.

"And I want people to come in".

"That's enough", the president repeated several times.

Acosta then made another statement referring to a Republican campaign ad that showed footage of migrants tearing down fences at the Guatemala-Mexico border. Acosta refused. Trump backed away from his podium and briefly paced the stage.

"You are a rude, bad person - and you shouldn't be working for CNN". The president also ordered microphones taken away from those he no longer wanted to hear from.

His exchanges with CNN's Acosta and another reporter for the NBC network turned bitterly personal, unusual even for the adversarial nature of presidential press conferences. "You are a rude, awful person". Acosta stood back up and noted the explosive devices that were recently sent to CNN and some of the president's political opponents.

Joy Behar said she seconded a theory saying Trump set up the altercation to distract from more pressing matters, like the co-called caravan and Democrats taking over the House of Representatives.

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