Published: Thu, November 08, 2018
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New Porsche 911 Passed Final Global Stress Tests Before Arrival

New Porsche 911 Passed Final Global Stress Tests Before Arrival

We've also seen the new 911 in numerous spy shots, nearly completely free of any disguise, and now Porsche has released this media set of the 992 undergoing testing all willy-nilly.

The 992-generation Porsche 911 has been spied for some time now, but the German carmaker isn't ready to reveal the latest iteration of its famous nameplate just yet.

The Zuffenhausen-based automaker confirmed the eighth-generation version of the sportscar was scheduled to launch in Europe "at the beginning of 2019". At the end of the tests, Porsche says it will have driven the new 911 for about 3 million kilometers, or 1.86 million miles.

The testing focuses first on Porsche's traditional core areas of expertise, such as the chassis and engine, which have been enhanced even further to increase both performance and everyday use. Function and stress tests have been performed on the "entirely new operating concept in the cockpit" including instruments and displays. The new driver assistance systems and enhanced connectivity must also be assessed as part of the strenuous testing phase.

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To assess how well the interior components, combustion engine, and air conditioning can handle the heat, Porsche tested the model in the desert, to ensure the entire vehicle could withstand temperatures typical of the Gulf States in the Middle East or Death Valley in the U.S., which can reach up to 50°C, or 122°F.

For endurance testing, the 911 cruised on China's roads and sprinted along the country's race tracks in "a traffic structure that is typical for that country", where fuel quality can also vary greatly. Porsche has also checked the interior components that they do not expand or contract or make noises when exposed to extreme heat. There, the test agenda focuses on areas such as cold start, heating and air conditioning, traction, handling and braking behaviour, as well as the response speed of the control systems related to driving dynamics.

The home straight for the new Porsche 911: the eighth generation of the sports auto classic will come to European market at the beginning of 2019.

Finally, the models were likewise taken to the most reduced goal of the demise valley which is around 90 meters underneath the ocean level and afterward at a stature of 4300 meters on the Mount Evans, Colorado where the ability of the bi-turbo chargers and the fuel system was tried.

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