Published: Thu, November 08, 2018
Sport | By Cameron Gross

Man Utd legend Neville slams FA for appealing against Mourinho ruling

Man Utd legend Neville slams FA for appealing against Mourinho ruling

But now the FA have opted to appeal the charge, meaning Mourinho could yet find himself in hot water.

Manchester United legend Gary Neville has slammed the FA for appealing against Jose Mourinho's charge being dismissed.

The United boss was cleared of that charge by an independent regulatory commission at a hearing on 31 October, but the FA has now confirmed it has appealed that decision.

The commission revealed they took into account the scrutiny Mourinho was under at the time with the result against Newcastle coming on the back of four matches without a win and intense speculation in the media the 55-year-old was on the verge of being sacked.

The Written Reasons for the Commission's decision have now been published - which the FA have chose to appeal - and they reveal that Mourinho did admit to swearing.

"The written reasons for that decision were published on Wednesday and the FA has chose to challenge the ruling, meaning Mourinho could still face punishment".

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Mourinho used Simao Valente, an assistant professor at the University of Lisbon and expert in the Portuguese language. His words were inaudible.

Valente then argued that it was important to pay heed to the context within which the phrase was said.

'Even if the objective person was able to decipher the language JM used, which is highly debatable, we accept Mr Valente's evidence [Mourinho's expert] that a typical person fluent in Portuguese colloquialisms would not feel insulted or offended from what they saw, rather would understand JM to be very happy about something that just happened to him against all odds'. "The words mouthed were a Portuguese colloquial profanity", read the report.

They asked Pedro Xavier, who is described as "an expert in the translation and interpretation of lip reading of colloquial Portuguese language" to study the clip of Mourinho and to offer an interpretation of the words said.

The commission continued: "We do not consider JM's language constituted abusive or insulting or improper act so that it was in breach of FA Rule E3, therefore on the balance of probabilities the charge is unanimously not proved".

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