Published: Thu, November 08, 2018
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Lion Air plane hits lamp post trying to takeoff

Lion Air plane hits lamp post trying to takeoff

The doomed jet was a Boeing 737 -Max 8, one of the world's newest and most advanced commercial passenger planes, and there is still no answer as to what caused the crash.

These sensors measure the angle of attack of planes when climbing to ensure that they do not attempt to fly too steeply and stall.

Soerjanto Tjahjono, chairman of the National Transport Safety Committee, told media that that airspeed indicator malfunctions on the jet's last four flights, and that this issue was intertwined with the AOA sensor issue.

The Federal Aviation Administration on Wednesday issued an emergency notice to all operators of Boeing 737 Max 8 and 9 planes.

Representatives of 737 MAX operators, Singapore Airlines Ltd SIAL.SI offshoot SilkAir, Garuda Indonesia GIAA.JK and Canada's WestJet Ltd WJA.TO , said they had not yet received a bulletin from Boeing.

The new details - gleaned from a recovered flight data recorder - come after the government said it was launching a "special audit" of the budget carrier's operations. A separate procedure involving a specific sequence of actions can be used to disengage the sensor from feeding information to the plane's computer system to address the issue for the duration of a flight.

But the preliminary result of the investigation will only be known at the end of November. The committee said the pilots were dealing with an erroneous airspeed indication.

United Technologies Corp. supplies the angle-of-attack sensors and indicator for the 737 Max, according to

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There are also procedures for pilots to follow in the event of missing data from damaged sensors on the fuselage, but it remained unclear how much time the crew of flight JT610 had to respond at the relatively low altitude of around 5,000 feet.

The next day, during the deadly crash, the plane hit the water at very high speed just 13 minutes after takeoff from Jakarta.

The news agency noted that angle-of-attack errors can cause pilots to lose control of an aircraft and make it impossible to correct the course of a flight, and this was particularly an issue when jet aircraft were first entering circulation.

"Any action that the FAA would take regarding that incident would have to wait until we have findings", agency acting Administrator Daniel Elwell said Monday after a speaking engagement in Washington.

Some modern aircraft have systems created to correct the posture of the wings automatically to keep flying safely.

"The draft of what will be conveyed by Boeing this morning has been presented to us", air accident investigator Nurcahyo Utomo said. The only way to prevent this, is for the pilot to intervene and manually deactivate the system.

The advice from the Federal Aviation Authority would be binding on all U.S. carriers flying Boeing 737 Max 8 versions. "What will have to be found is, is Boeing pushing itself too hard?"

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