Published: Sat, November 03, 2018
Business | By Tara Barton

Free Google Home Mini With New Or Existing Spotify Family Account

Free Google Home Mini With New Or Existing Spotify Family Account

This is a great deal for anyone with a Spotify Premium for Family plan.

Spotify said its performance was "largely in line with our expectations", with earnings per share coming in at 26 cents, compared to a loss of $2.96 in the year-earlier quarter, while revenue rose 31 percent to $1.53 billion.

Looking ahead, Spotify expects to cross the 200 million active monthly user threshold this quarter.

Jeff Wlodarczak of Pivotal Research said he remained positive on Spotify despite the "modest reduction" in the outlook. There's sure to be more information available at once the promotion actually starts. This was attributed to Spotify's new family and student plans, which brings in more users, but not for more fees.

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A subpoena can compel a company to turn over materials that the requesting agency wants to review. It's also key to the company's cash flow and pledge to make quarterly net profits into the future.

Spotify is in fierce competition with its rivals offering both subscription-based and ad-supported music services. This gave Apple Music, with over 50 million users, a strong hold on Apple Watch owners.

Coupled with recent tensions with record labels, Spotify has limited runway for error as competitors like Apple Music and Pandora Media Inc. hope to close in on its dominance.

That said, the current quarter may see another dip, financially: Starting today, Spotify is giving away a Google Home Mini to the primary account holder of every Family and Premium account.

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