Published: Thu, November 01, 2018
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Gallery: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Full Character Roster (Final List Updated)

Gallery: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Full Character Roster (Final List Updated)

Nintendo has confirmed Super Smash Bros.

Ken from Street Fighter is an echo fighter of Ryu, while Incineroar from Pokémon Sun/Moon is a brand-new character with a lot of wrestling moves.

These selections aren't particularly surprising-they were expected before the whole Grinch debacle-but they are a welcome finale to the 74 fighter lineup. Ultimate Nintendo Direct livestream before the game's release, Nintendo and Director Masahiro Sakurai have announced all-new details for the highly anticipated game. A Fighters Pass will give players access to all five characters. These characters will be created from scratch exclusively for SSBU.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is set to launch on December 7, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

One example given is fighting a "Guts Man spirit" by facing off against a giant Mega Man in the Guts Man stage. None of these will be Echo Fighters. A season pass will be available called a Fighters Pass, which will offer all five of the scheduled DLC characters once they become available.

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A trailer for the World of Light adventure mode debuted during the presentation. Players will be able to post and watch gameplay videos and check statistics in the app. There's also a pretty nifty song for the game and a glorious overview of the "Super Smash Bros".

A third character was also announced in the form of a Piranha Planet (who transforms into Petey Piranha as his Final Smash) but he's a pre-order bonus and won't be available until a few months after the game's release.

Online features were also announced.

The spirits seem to be represented in-game as mostly 2D artwork but they all have special buffs and abilities that they can confer to your chosen fighter.

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