Published: Thu, November 01, 2018
Medical | By Johnnie Horton

Death toll of 'Devil's nurse' could climb as high as 300

Death toll of 'Devil's nurse' could climb as high as 300

German nurse Niels Hoegel, already serving a prison sentence over the deaths of six patients in his care, goes on trial from today for allegedly killing 100 people.

A former nurse accused of killing 100 patients at two hospitals in Germany over a decade ago told a court as his trial opened Tuesday that the charges against him are largely accurate.

Earlier this year, he was charged with another 97 murders.In previous hearings, the 41-year-old former nurse said that he was on cloud nine when he successfully brought back a patient to life and was shattered when he failed.Prosecutors earlier stated that Hoegel should have known that the drugs given to patients at the hospitals could cause life-threatening heart problems.

Hoegel has already spent almost a decade in prison on a life term for other patient deaths, and is accused of intentionally administering medical overdoses to victims so he could bring them back to life at the last moment.

So far, police have exhumed 130 bodies of patients who died under his care, and investigators say it may be impossible to ascertain the true death toll, as the bodies of some potential victims were cremated.

One of the more than 100 co-plaintiffs in the trial, Christian Marbach, said it was a scandal that Hoegel had been allowed to kill with impunity for such an extended period of time without hospital authorities or law enforcement intervening.

Hoegel's trial is expected to end in May of next year.

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Additional convictions could make it harder for Hoegel to get parole.

Prosecutors say an investigation and toxicology reports show he injected 35 people at the clinic Oldenburg clinic and 62 in Delmenhorst.

In 2014-15, a second trial found him guilty of two murders and two attempted murders and he was given the maximum sentence. "The aim is for Hoegel to stay in custody as long as possible".

Hoegel, 41, has already spent almost ten years in prison on a life term for other patient deaths.

In 2005 Hoegel was caught injecting an unprescribed drug into a patient in Delmenhorst.

He is believed to be the most prolific serial killer in modern German history.

Oldenburg police chief Johann Kuehme a year ago said other medical workers at Oldenburg were aware of an elevated number of resuscitations, and initial indications of possible wrongdoing by the nurse in Delmenhorst emerged as early as April 2003.

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