Published: Sun, October 21, 2018
People | By Leon Thompson

Thousands take to streets in London demanding second Brexit vote

Thousands take to streets in London demanding second Brexit vote

British Prime Minister Theresa May has already ruled out a second Brexit vote.

The march starts at midday, north of the Hilton on Park Lane, and will proceed to Parliament Square where there'll be speeches at 2pm about the need for the people of the United Kingdom vote on the final Brexit deal.

Many people marching today were made promises that haven't realised. What's important is now we know what the outcomes of these negotiations are.

Whatever your feelings on Brexit or how the European Union referendum was sold to voters, it seems like a no-brainer that we should get to choose if we're OK with the final deal or not, since no one knew what it'd be when placing their cross in the Leave or Remain box.

Co-chair of Southampton for Europe group Charlotte Sunley said: "I am marching because I believe that given the reality of what a deliverable Brexit actually means for our society, a majority of people in the United Kingdom now want the country to stay in the European Union".

A Downing Street spokesman responded to the report by again ruling out a People's Vote or second referendum.

The police have not released official figures, but estimates range from around 250,000 to 500,000, the latter being put out by organizers the People's Vote campaign.

Yet many are not entirely clear on what it actually is that May's government is delivering.

The alternatives facing Britain at the moment range between a clean break without any agreement and one in which little changes except for London losing its voice in the EU.

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Neither choice is appealing. Recriminations over how Britain got here are leaving May looking increasingly isolated and weak.

And EU leaders such as French President Emmanuel Macron are openly wondering if a second British vote might yet make the mess go away.

"Instead this week she has shown that she is going to persist in trying to use Brexit simply to further her cause for a second independence referendum".

Northern Ireland voted by a majority of 56% in favour of remaining in the European Union in the June 2016 referendum. "They have to see".

"This makes it the second biggest demonstration this century behind the 1 million estimated to have protested against the Iraq War in 2003", said People's Vote.

"More than 150 coaches will bring people from towns and cities from every region and nation", they said in a statement.

Along with the well-known personalities, Sadiq Khan the Mayor of London, insisted that there would be 'nothing more democratic than another referendum.

The march comes as the Brexit negotiations hit a major hurdle earlier this week, with the British premier indicating that the post-Brexit transition period may have to be extended to achieve a deal with the European Union over contentious issues such as keeping an open border between non-member United Kingdom territory Northern Ireland and European Union member-state Ireland.

The route itself will twist from the giant park to the central Trafalgar Square before reaching parliament.

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