Published: Sun, October 21, 2018
People | By Leon Thompson

Nikki Haley Roasts Elizabeth Warren's 'Failed' DNA Test at Charity Dinner

Nikki Haley Roasts Elizabeth Warren's 'Failed' DNA Test at Charity Dinner

Haley also made jokes at the expense of several other political figures. They all said the same thing, do not under any circumstances make any jokes about the president.

Among other jokes, Haley also shared a piece of advice President Trump gave her: "he said if I get stuck for laughs, just brag about his accomplishments-it really killed at the United Nations, I gotta tell you".

"In Syria, where the dictator uses chemicals weapons to murder innocent children, that is evil", the former Republican governor of SC said, adding, "In North Korea, where American student Otto Warmbier was tortured to death, that was evil".

Nikki Haley speaking at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) for appearing to have greatly exaggerated her Native American heritage, US ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley got in a few jabs of her own Thursday night.

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"It really killed at the United Nations, I've got to tell you", she continued, and added, with a chuckle, "There has been some debate whether the United Nations laughed with the president or at the president". "As a member of the Trump Cabinet, it is a thrill to be out to dinner without being harassed". "I get it, you wanted an Indian woman, but Elizabeth Warren failed her DNA test", she said. During her speech, Haley also made jibes about her Indian-American heritage, President Donald Trump and the current political climate in America. Jeff Flake (R) would have attended, but he wanted a week to have the "FBI look into it". Actually, there was a benefit. Haley said. "I get it".

Speaking of her current job, which she plans to leave in January, Haley noted that numerous UN member nations are often angry with the United States.

The move sparked discussion about whether Haley might be intending to run for president, perhaps even challenging Trump for the Republican nomination in 2020, but Haley shot down those rumors during a press conference at the White House - going so far as to say she meant to help campaign for the president.

On a serious note, Haley delivered a sharp rebuke of Trump's divisive politics, saying opponents are not evil.

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