Published: Fri, October 19, 2018
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Apple launches privacy website that reveals what the firm knows about you

Apple launches privacy website that reveals what the firm knows about you

The company makes it easy to see when user data is being collected on its devices, and likes to remind us that that data is never shared.

The move allows users from those four countries to download the data that is associated with their Apple ID and Apple devices with information ranging from their iCloud Photo Library to Game Center activity and even AppleCare support history.

Microsoft in May similarly extended the privacy features it made available for Europeans under GDPR to all users outside the EU.

Customers in Australia, Canada, Iceland, Liechtenstein, New Zealand, Norway, and Switzerland can also access their Apple data.

From there, click on the "Visit your Data and Privacy page" and select the "Get a copy of your data" option.

Downloadable data may include information stored on the iCloud-such as bookmarks, contacts, calendars, and photos-as well as data on purchases from the App Store and iTunes.

Apple's privacy tool goes further than those of its rivals, saying allows users to correct the errors in the personal information. We intend to provide these capabilities to customers around the world in the coming months. Besides Apple, Instagram was spurred into building a tool to let users download everything they've ever shared, thanks to what was then the impending regulation. While it may or may not collect as much data about its customers as some of its competitors, Apple still knows a lot about its users.

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While data breaches are a fact of life having control of what data about us is stored is a positive step.

As expected, the updated pages cover the new security and privacy features in iOS 12 and macOS Mojave, including new information about end-to-end encrypted group FaceTime video calls and improvements to intelligence tracking protections, as well as how Apple uses differential privacy to understand which are the most popular features, without being able to identify individual users.

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Users will receive an email to inform them that the data is being prepared, although it appears that there is a delay now.

On the Apple ID & Privacy page click Continue.

They want to hold tech companies accountable for compromising your privacy.

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