Published: Thu, October 18, 2018
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Italy's Salvini, in Moscow, denounces sanctions on Russia

Italy's Salvini, in Moscow, denounces sanctions on Russia

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte warned Wednesday that Rome would not change a government budget for 2019 that defies European Union rules, putting Rome on a collision course with Brussels.

The magazine later corrected its report and said a letter from the commission would only come after final discussions between Moscovici and the Italian government. On Oct. 15, the Italian government went to Brussels to present its budget proposals, which call for a deficit increase of 2.4 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) in 2019 - significantly higher than the 0.8 percent that the European Union was expecting.

"I do hope that at the end the war of words (will end) and that good sense will prevail and everyone will notice that this kind of budget is exactly what Italy needs to cope with its chronic lack of growth", he said in a televised interview with CNBC.

"It has been confirmed that Italy's budget for 2019 is not compatible with the commitments that exist in the EU", Oettinger said.

The EU Commission is now reviewing Rome's budgetary plans and can formally raise concerns about it until next Monday.

"We're going to have a debate virtuous with our Italian friends, who know that their public debt level is too high and that the project budget does not meet in full the recommendations of the Council of ministers, the european Council", he added, stressing the" difference between what was promised and what is presented today". But the markets can react to negative for Italy.

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"The idea that this budget can blow up Europe is totally unfounded", he said.

Italy's Parliamentary Budget Office refused to endorse the budget saying its economic assumptions weren't acceptable.

The Italian government is also set to introduce a more punitive tax regime for banks, heightening pressure on a sector that is suffering due to a spike in the country's debt costs under the populist government.

Salvini (pictured below), also deputy prime minister and head of the anti-immigrant League party, on Monday demanded a "clear response" after French authorities admitted to returning migrants to Italy in "error". A survey by pollster Demopolis on Friday showed 52 percent backed the plan, compared with 38 percent who gave it the thumbs down.

If his opinion is negative, the european executive may request Italy to submit a revised draft budget, as soon as possible and, in any event, within three weeks of the date of its opinion.

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