Published: Thu, October 18, 2018
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Canada to pardon pot possession as it legalizes marijuana

Canada to pardon pot possession as it legalizes marijuana

Uruguay was the first country to legalize marijuana.

The organization also maintains that by moving forward with the legalization of cannabis for non-medical purposes in disregard of its legal obligations and diplomatic commitments, the government of Canada has contributed to weakening the worldwide legal drug control framework and undermining the rules-based global order. The exact language and scope of the referendum question remain unclear.

"There will be a lot of celebrations on the day, and it will nearly all be with illegal cannabis" in some of Canada's biggest cities, said Brad Poulos, an instructor and cannabis business expert at Ryerson University in Toronto. Portugal and the Netherlands have decriminalized the drug.

October 17 marks the day that federal legislation comes into effect, legalizing the recreational use of marijuana.

"All the years of activism paid off. Cannabis is legal in Canada and everyone should come to Canada and enjoy our cannabis".

She came prepared with a blanket, lawn chair and coffee.

The seemingly contradictory stance arises from US Attorney General Jeff Sessions' determination to enforce the federal ban on marijuana.

Who can buy, grow cannabis? .

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Messages posted to YouTube's Twitter page indicated the company was aware of the issue and was "actively working" to resolve it. In the USA too, it was only the Western and Eastern parts that appeared to be having this outage issue, as reported by users.

And while many Canadians may be celebrating their ability to freely use the drug, the coming legalization had been a boon for producers operating in the country as their market values exploded amid increasing interest from investors.

That could be changing.

The federal government promises it will soon be quicker - and less expensive - to obtain a criminal pardon for previous convictions of simple pot possession.

"But the fact that some individuals want to cling to a prohibition model that has led to the highest rates of cannabis use of any country in the world is a little shocking to me", he told AFP. And relations with its southern neighbor will also put a damper on the party: USA border officials can bar from entry Canadians who admit to having used marijuana or whom might be traveling on marijuana-related business.

Reform advocates have been promoting marijuana legalization in Italy for years, without success. But legalisation is creating an opportunity to have discussions about cannabis use, for example, parents starting a conversation with their kids about it. Since then, the dried flowers of those plants have been sold in some shops, giving supporters new hope for future legalization efforts. Legislation will be required to implement the new measures. Italy could be a "dark horse in the race to be the first country to legalize in Europe", Rolles says.

For decades the USA required other nations to co-operate in the drug war or risk losing foreign aid, even as some Latin American countries wracked by violence criticized America for failing to curb its appetite for cocaine, marijuana and other drugs.

Canada's national approach allows unfettered banking for the pot industry, inter-province shipments of cannabis and billions of dollars in investment - a sharp contrast with prohibitions in the United States, where nine states have legalized recreational sales of pot and more than 30 have approved medical marijuana. Two more states - North Dakota and MI - have ballot measures on recreational legalization next month.

USA cannabis legalization proponents, as well as some congressional lawmakers, see Canada as a lesson in how to successfully legalize pot on a federal scale.

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