Published: Wed, October 17, 2018
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How Roseanne Was Written Off in ‘The Conners’ Premiere

How Roseanne Was Written Off in ‘The Conners’ Premiere

But that's in the past, and the future is "The Conners". I've got two kids. It felt good to be on the verge of understanding, and even contributing to, cocktail party chatter again.

That show is "The Conners", which premiered on ABC Tuesday night. It's a new version of the sitcom "Roseanne" without Roseanne.

Indeed, so far The Conners isn't as politically-minded as Roseanne was last season, focusing less on the hype of Left versus Right and more on actual issues.

SARA GILBERT: (As Darlene Conner) I have no idea what that means. How could I not see this coming??

The first episode of The Conners ends on a bittersweet note with Dan getting back into the marital bed for the first time in the three weeks since Roseanne's death, and reaching out an arm to an empty pillow beside him. In the first scene, the family is finishing up a dinner of assorted homemade casseroles. "I think people will be talking about this.This was an honest and authentic way of dealing with Roseanne Conner". "She was gonna do what she was gonna do", he said.

There was a lot about the "Roseanne" sitcom that made it special for its 10 seasons on the air, but the most unique ingredient of that series was always the captain of the ship, Roseanne Barr.

"What ended up happening is we wanted to make a really honest episode, and channel whatever we were feeling into the episode", Gilbert explained. As a series, Roseanne always found its strength in its ensemble cast and their characters' unfolding lives as much as in its titular star, and with all of those players back - but with John Goodman's patriarch Dan Conner now the de facto head of the pack - The Conners is as vital and amusing and relevant as ever, and without the baggage of the real-life Barr to deal with. If Roseanne even bothered to watch (and this statement practically screams that she turned her TV off after her character died), she would know that the spin-off is continuing her character's legacy in a positive way.

It's hard to separate Roseanne Barr from Roseanne.

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She's not! This rent in the very fabric of space and time seems like the most literal possible manifestation of the idea that our political and cultural reality is the dumbest of various parallel timelines.

In the October 16 premiere episode, it is revealed that the family matriarch died. "The autopsy found that it wasn't a heart attack".

"The Conners" started off by telling the audience the outspoken matriarch had died from overdosing on prescription opioids.

How are the Hollywood script writers going to address her disappearance when the high-profile reboot of Roseanne is itself rebooted - sans its lead actress - as The Conners?

Roseanne's absence in the new show has been revealed.

Not that comedy can't come from dark places.

GOODMAN: (As Dan Conner) Yeah, I never could figure it out either. It was like there was a death in the family. You can catch episode "Keep on Truckin'" live from your laptop at ABC's live stream or with a free seven-day trial from FuboTV.

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