Published: Tue, September 25, 2018
Sport | By Cameron Gross

Meet Gritty: Flyers introduce new mascot

Meet Gritty: Flyers introduce new mascot

The Philadelphia Flyers unveiled their first mascot in more than four decades Monday, and it may be the most frightening thing to come to sporting arenas since the original Pierre the Pelican.

Breaking Mascot Kayfabe for a second, Gritty is, like most of his ilk, an attempt to attract younger fans to the team. His bio says he is loyal and mischievous and earned his name by displaying a gritty attitude, much like that of the Flyers.

This is a city where its most beloved mascot is the "most sued mascot in the majors" and recently shot a woman in the face with a hot dog gun.

"What. are you?" tweeted James Mirtle, of sports website The Athletic.

Gritty is already currying favor with the Phlyer Phaithphul by threatening the cross-state Penguins on Twitter, but how long until he begins indulging his darkest cravings in his own backyard?

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Gritty even had the ideal creepy response to the Pittsburgh Penguins mocking him on Twitter.

A Fox 29 reporter tweeted a photo of an apparently fake GoFundMe page meant to raise money to "euthanize" Gritty. Think Montreal Canadiens mascot "Youppi!" after a triple espresso and four cans of Red Bull, and you get the idea.

Others had other theories on what Gritty was supposed to be.

"This was a misteak", the Twitter account behind Steak-umms, a brand of sliced sandwich steaks, joked.

Gritty makes his debut in Philadelphia tonight.

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