Published: Tue, September 25, 2018
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Indonesian Teen Rescued After 49 Days at Sea

Indonesian Teen Rescued After 49 Days at Sea

He was rescued 1,200 miles from where the wooden raft, equipped with a flimsy hut but no engine or paddles, was knocked off its moorings by heavy winds in mid-July.

Adilang stretched his one-week supplies for 49 days. Rescuers hauled Aldi Novel Adilang onto their ship, where they wrapped him in a blanket.

The Arpeggio wasn't the first ship to pass Aldi during his seven weeks adrift that started in the Indian Ocean and ended in the Pacific.

He was eventually rescued in late August by a ship sailing under a Panama flag that picked him up in the waters near Guam and then dropped him off in Japan, reported the "Jakarta Post". Finally he got a response and was rescued by Panamanian vessel.

According to the Guardian, the teenager caught fish and cooked it using wood from his hut.

Adilang said he lit a lamp on his raft every time he saw a passing ship - more than 10 times - but none responded, according to The Jakarta Post. And when he thought about giving in and jumping into the ocean, Aldi remembered what his parents had taught him about never giving up and he read his Bible.

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The ship radioed to the United States military base in Guam, who instructed them to keep their course towards Japan, where the young man could be handed over to his country's consulate.

Aldi arrived at the Japanese port of Tokuyama on September 6 but had to spend another night on the cargo vessel. And he watched, desolate, as ships passed close by without stopping. There were concerns about a possible health quarantine, and officials rushed to arrange travel documents for him that would allow him to disembark in Japan.

After arriving on September 6, Adilang was examined by the Japanese Coast Guard and declared healthy enough to return to his home country, the Indonesian foreign affairs ministry said. He traveled from Osaka to Tokyo and then flew to Jakarta before finally making it back to his family on September 9th, nearly a full two months from the day his fish trap started drifting out to sea.

You have to imagine Aldi's 19th birthday will be the biggest party his family has ever thrown. He appeared exhausted, and with good reason.

The teenager has now been reunited with his family in Manado in the North Sulawesi province of Indonesia, the Consulate said on Facebook.

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