Published: Sun, September 23, 2018
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Raccoon scales apartment building before falling, running off

Raccoon scales apartment building before falling, running off

A video captured the breathtaking moment a raccoon made a seemingly suicidal jump after scaling the side of a building in New Jersey on Friday before it miraculously scampered away unscathed.

The animal seems appears to have reached unexpected heights, unclear of how to get down.

Micah Rea from SC was vacationing in Ocean City when they spotted the raccoon climbing up the side of an apartment building by the boardwalk.

The horrified crowd gasped in horror as he leapt from the wall and spread his arms out in front of him as he plunged towards the ground.

Watch: Raccoon scales side of building before making daring leap
VIDEO: Raccoon scales Ocean City building before jumping down, running off

It was almost nine stories high when it bravely jumped off.

He said he was walking with friends on the boardwalk when they spotted the raccoon and immediatley strted recording. He films the raccoon holding onto the wall of an apartment complex, before showing the group of people who had gathered, including animal control.

In the video, you can see someone on a balcony attempting to catch it, but unfortunately misses.

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