Published: Sat, September 22, 2018
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Theresa May to make statement on Brexit negotiations

Theresa May to make statement on Brexit negotiations

"We are at an impasse", she said in a speech on Friday inside her London residence. The response of the EU27 leaders was to reiterate our trust in chief negotiator Michel Barnier and to reiterate our position on the integrity of the Single Market and the Irish backstop.

A combative prime minister said that throughout the Brexit negotiations she had treated her counterparts with "nothing but respect" and added "that the United Kingdom expects the same".

"In the end, the British seemed to start believing their own spin and this must have encouraged May to go above the head of Barnier and appeal directly to European Union leaders at the dinner - which also did not go down well with them".

The EU insists that there can be no hard border between the British province and the Irish Republic, with Northern Ireland remaining in the bloc's customs union or effectively establishing a border in the Irish Sea if no alternative deal is reached.

"At this stage in the negotiations, it is not acceptable to simply reject the other side's proposals without a detailed explanation and counter proposals", May said.

May warned that Britain may be heading towards a no deal Brexit, saying: "We must and will prepare ourselves for no deal".

Tusk said May has just four weeks to amend her plan - or perhaps face the dreaded prospect of leaving Europe with no deal - a so-called doomsday scenario.

Her statement today was about redressing that situation - to replace the imagery of a stunned prime minister nearly frozen in the headlights, to one composed at a podium, making a statement loaded with calmly-delivered anger.

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Theresa May to make statement on Brexit negotiations

'Everyone shared the view that, while there are positive elements in the Chequers proposal, the suggested framework for economic co-operation will not work'.

But Brussels negotiators were at pains to stress a continued willingness to conclude a treaty and are looking for a spirit of mutual compromise after October 3, when May will, they believe, have survived her Conservative party's conference despite attacks on her plans to keep British trade close to the EU.

Macron bluntly said May's Brexit proposals, known as Chequers after the country house where they were agreed by the British cabinet in July, were "unacceptable".

Mrs May concluded her statement by saying: "The EU should be clear, I will not overturn the result of the referendum, nor will I break up my country". "One of the outcomes the European Union leaders wanted from yesterday was for Britain to go away, push the panic button and re-think, but the prime minister needs to stick to her guns".

Huddled in front of an aide's iPad that was propped up on a table in the British delegation room, she watched as Donald Tusk read from a prepared script pronouncing the death of her Chequers blueprint in just nine words. Until we do, we can not make progress.

'That would make a mockery of the referendum we had two years ago. "You have obligations towards us and we expect you and your government to respect and honour those obligations".

"We want to ensure predictability for our people and businesses so we want to somehow ease, mitigate the sometimes very tense and hard negotiations for Britain's exit from the European Union because we really want to break the impasse" between them, Morawiecki added.

'We need serious engagement on resolving the two big problems in the negotiations.

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