Published: Sat, September 22, 2018
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Texas father and son allegedly killed neighbor over mattress in trash bin

Texas father and son allegedly killed neighbor over mattress in trash bin

Box talked about the fatal shooting just hours after releasing a video of the dispute between her husband, 37-year-old Aaron Howard, and his neighbors, John Miller, 67, and his son, Michael Miller, 31.

Howard's fiancee, Kara Box, videotaped the deadly dispute on her cell phone and released it to local ABC station KTXS.

In the video, you can hear Howard telling the Millers that they were going to go to jail. The men are seen opening fire as the video abruptly ends.

The Millers were arrested shortly after the shooting and they have been charged with murder.

The 2-minute video captures the anger between the Millers and Howard on the morning of September 1 in an Abilene neighborhood.

At least four gunshots are then heard on the video while Michael Miller is captured aiming his shotgun. Both Millers reportedly shot Howard, who died of his injuries.

"That's when John (Miller) pulled a pistol out of his shorts", she said.

Box starts screaming, "No, no, Aaron!" after her husband is shot in the chest and head.

He and Box put the piece of furniture in the dumpster again, only for John Miller to take it out and toss it back into their yard again. "You pulled a gun in front of my kids over. a mattress". Box and Howard then tell Miller that he is in an alley, and the law wouldn't protect them there.

Howard is overheard saying, "shoot me" before someone off camera says, "you're dead, point it".

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Abilene police arrived a few minutes later responding to a report of shots being fired in the neighborhood. According to Abilene Reporter News, witnesses told police they heard as many as five shots.

On Sept. 1, John Miller went outside to throw trash away, police said.

The investigation is ongoing, the chief said then. That's when they fired. The argument escalates, Box steps between her husband and John Miller, and then Howard says: "C'mon, shoot me!"

See that site or the Star-Telegram to view Box's graphic, almost three-minute video of the expletive-filled showdown between Howard and his neighbors, which Box says started after she and Howard threw an old mattress into a dumpster in the alley behind their Abilene home. That mattress, Box told the Star-Telegram, was the conflict's catalyst.

Box said Howard battled mental illness his entire life, but was getting help for a condition called IED, otherwise known as Intermittent Explosive Disorder, before he was killed. The video also shows Michael Miller firing the shotgun after the first two shots are fired.

"People deserve to know what actually happened and you know they deserve to know John and Michael Miller are murderers", she said.

Taylor County DA Jim Hicks said the video could be key evidence.

"Video evidence like this is always graphic and very hard to watch", Hicks said in an interview on the station.

The father and son have been charged with first-degree murder. However, both are out of jail on $25,000 bond, according to KTXS.

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