Published: Fri, September 21, 2018
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Google admits changing phone settings remotely

Google admits changing phone settings remotely

Making the situation more weird, users reported that the setting was switched on when their devices were nearly fully charged, instead of when the battery was low.

Some Android 9 Pie users were surprised last week when they discovered their phone's Battery Saver feature had turned on by itself.

According to Android Police, many Pixel users have found that their devices' usual battery saver mode was altered and the settings kicked in even when the devices were nearly fully charged.

"This was an internal experiment to test battery-saving features that were mistakenly rolled out to more users than intended", the tech giant commented on Reddit.

As well as reducing the phone's overall performance level, Battery Saver also prevents certain notifications coming through, which means impacted users could have missed critical messages from friends, family and work. We have reset the default settings and you do not have to reconfigure as you see fit.

Google Pixel 2 5
The Pixel 2 from Google. Hollis Johnson Business Insider

It is within the framework of a test that an error was committed by the team in charge of the latter, what has caused the triggering of the power-saving mode on a number of devices, it is this that explains Google on the platform Reddit apologizing for the inconvenience. "Please configure to your liking".

While the rollout of Google's experimental feature on Android is a seemingly harmless accident, it did raise questions among smartphone owners in the Reddit thread about the kind of control that Google has on phones running Android.

Understandably, the issue has angered some Android users who believe the firm shouldn't be able to remotely change settings on users' devices.

One Redditor said "the whole "we'll fix it guys" is not gonna fly on this one". Google hadn't notified users of any changes due to occur, so what happened exactly? I know Google is able to check/read and know my settings but why they can change my settings.

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