Published: Fri, September 21, 2018
People | By Leon Thompson

Alleged emu killer arrested and charged

A MAN who allegedly filmed himself laughing as he mowed down a flock of emus in his 4WD has been arrested and charged with tormenting and killing protected wildlife.

"This is f--ing great", the man is heard saying in the video about the attack on the birds, which a spokeswoman for an animal protection agency later described as "sickening cruelty".

"The RSPCA, like many members of the community, has today been shocked and horrified by footage released on social media, showing a man who appears to be deliberately running down a mob of emus in his vehicle", the RSPCA said in a statement. (Supplied) The man counted as he mowed the helpless birds down.

The unidentified motorist's face can be seen in the 41-second video.

The auto runs over about half a dozen of them, with the driver counting along and laughing.

Victoria Police say it was filmed earlier this month.

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On Friday, police in Victoria said a 20-year-old man faced several charges of animal cruelty.

The video appeared on social media on Wednesday evening and has since been widely shared by horrified members of the public.

He is expected to face Ouyen Magistrates Court on November 9.

Two men who resemble the driver from the video have been inundated with abuse on social media.

"Any real man would have handed [themselves] in instead of letting people like myself get the blame and left traumatised after the [hundreds] of death and rape threats that were sent to me".

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