Published: Thu, September 20, 2018
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The high price and complicated politics of sticking with Brett Kavanaugh

The high price and complicated politics of sticking with Brett Kavanaugh

There's been plenty of speculation over what she has to gain and what her motives might be.

If Ford took this life-altering step because she believes that Brett Kavanaugh should not serve on the Supreme Court, then she must come forward to tell that to the Senate.

Judge Thomas was narrowly confirmed and he remains a Supreme Court justice. "That is why our investigators have asked to speak with your client". She invited Feinstein to discuss the letter with her.

But here's the real rub of the matter: Whether the Federal Bureau of Investigation does this is up to the president. That was something the Senator chose to do, not Ford, but many are conflating the two in order to push a narrative about what "the left" is doing.

Prof Ford has been given until Friday to decide if she will testify. He's not tried the "So what?" excuse that whatever happened, happened long ago when he was just a roughhousing, reckless teen. But she questions whether the incident occurred as Ford described it, noting that Ford said she was unable to recall certain details about the date, place and other aspects of the alleged attack. "The latest, being a letter from the chairman to the Democrats saying, 'We have done everything we can to contact her.' That is such bullshit, I can't hardly stand it".

But it is so offensive for me, people I know on both sides, where you have people on the right calling Dr. Ford a liar, a fabulist, a political hack. Was there a Kavanaugh doppelganger moving in the same social circles at the time? That this fearless woman is receiving death threats and has been forced to flee with her family is appalling and heartbreaking. Her family has relocated, they said.

"If there was any indication that he didn't treat even one of us with respect or acted in a manner that disrespected girls/women", she wrote in an email, "that would not be the case".

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Grassley said the committee offered Ford "the opportunity to share her story" in a public or a private hearing, or staff interviews, "whichever makes her most comfortable".

After Democrats said she should testify at a hearing on Monday, Ford said she didn't want to until there was an FBI investigation of her claims. Sen. "Committee Chairman Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) has figured out it would be a good idea to interview her in advance of Monday's hearings, but the staffers conducting the interview would be unlikely to have the ability or the will to follow up on investigative leads".

Sen. Bob Corker, Tennessee Republican, said Mr. Grassley has properly handled the matter and has been fair to both the judge and his accuser. And Republicans - who are now claiming that testimony by just Ford and Kavanaugh will be sufficient, to keep this dispute shrouded in he-said/she-said uncertainty - are complicit in creating this state of affairs, in which bringing an external, neutral fact finding effort to bear on this process is essentially unthinkable. Every person claiming to be a victim of sexual assault has a right to be heard.

Kavanaugh has "categorically and unequivocally" denied Christine Blasey Ford's allegation against him.

"Today, the public expects better from our government than we got in 1991, when our representatives performed in ways that gave employers permission to mishandle workplace harassment complaints throughout the following decades".

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D., Calif.) was made aware of the charge in a letter from Ford in July but did not alert fellow committee members to its contents until last week. "They're rushing to get a man accused of sexual assault approved on the supreme court because it's the culmination of a 40 year project".

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