Published: Sun, September 16, 2018
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Israeli forces tear down protest camp near Khan al-Ahmar

Israeli forces tear down protest camp near Khan al-Ahmar

The resolution stated that "should the demolition and eviction of Khan al-Ahmar take place - the EU's response must be commensurate with the seriousness of this development and consistent with its long-standing support to the community of Khan al-Ahmar".

Over 200 homes and community structures are slated for demolition in the area, where almost 1,400 Palestinians reside. It has offered to resettle the residents 12 kilometres (7 miles) away under what it says are improved conditions - with connections to water, electricity and sewage treatment they now don't have.

The removal of the Bedouin village enables the Israel to cut the West Bank in two.

Israeli border police arrived before dawn on Thursday and dismantled the protest camp, according to witnesses.

Under cover of darkness, Israeli soldiers conducted a 5am raid on the Bedouin Palestinian village of Khan Al-Ahmar and demolished five new structures built nearby, confiscating building tools and materials.

The resolution also said the razing of Khan al-Ahmar would set a "negative precedent" for other Bedouin communities facing demolition in the West Bank.

The resolution recalled "that Israel bears full responsibility for providing the necessary services, including education, healthcare and welfare, for the people living under its occupation, in line with the Fourth Geneva Convention".

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The PA and the European Union believe Khan al-Ahmar is in a strategic area vital for a future Palestinian state, and that its demolition would weaken the chance that the territory would be placed in Palestinian hands in any future final status agreement.

Mladenov said the planned demolition of the village would "undermine the prospect for two-state solution and is against worldwide law".

The judges also rejected the petitioners' request to delay Khan al-Ahmar's demolition until an alternative site is found for its residents.

Israel's plan to demolish the village and relocate its residents has been criticised by Palestinians and drawn worldwide condemnation. Security forces were deployed to the village and construction workers began paving an access road that would facilitate the demolition and evacuation.

Sources said that the Israeli authorities declared the area a closed military zone until at least 5:00 p.m. local time, and that they were notified the village will not be entirely demolished on the day.

A top Palestinian official says the Palestinians have filed a war crimes claim against Israel at the International Criminal Court over its planned razing of a West Bank Bedouin hamlet.

Last week, Israel's Supreme Court rejected appeals against the demolition of Khan al-Ahmar and said a temporary injunction that had put the move on hold would expire within seven days.

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