Published: Sun, September 16, 2018
Medical | By Johnnie Horton

In the United States named winners of the IG Nobel prize

In the United States named winners of the IG Nobel prize

Although the focus of this year's event, conducted by the Science humor Magazine Annals of Impossible Research, it was "heart", most of the prevailing research was concentrated on the decidedly less glamorous parts of the human anatomy.

Research has found that riding a roller coaster has the potential to dislodge any kidney stone that might occur.

Passing a kidney stone can be one of the most painful experiences for any person.

The results were conclusive: Big Thunder Mountain triumphed as the most effective stone-remover. He learned that Worthy Roar Mountain turned into once certainly advantageous - more so than the scarier rides such as Pronounce Mountain or Rock and Rollercoaster which dangle extended drops. To be clear, the Ig Nobel Prizes aren't meant to diminish or demean scientific work, nor do they recognise dubious or bad science.

At the awards ceremony, held at Harvard University in Cambridge, US, each victor has 60 seconds to deliver an acceptance speech. The time limit is strictly enforced by an eight-year-girl who says "please stop I'm bored" several times until the speaker finishes.

Medical Education: Scientists are sometimes rudely described as being "up their own backsides" if they are thought to be too obsessed with their research. Then there's Japanese gastroenterologist Akira Horiuchi, who received the Medical Education prize for giving himself a colonoscopy while in the sitting position.

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"He's a friend and I told him it would be a good laugh", Maskin said. His goal was to show how simple a colonoscopy could be and hoped his video of the work encourages more people to go get the test. So the choice of oldsters that die from colorectal cancer is increasing.

The Literature prize went to an worldwide team prize for finding out that "most people who use complicated products do not read the instruction manual".

"RTFM" is an acronym for "read the field manual", though, according to the researchers, it has gained a new meaning by consumers who are often frustrated by the complexity of operation of their product.

The nutrition prize went to researchers in Britain, Tanzania and Zimbabwe for calculating that the calorie intake from a human cannibalism diet was significantly lower than from "most other traditional meat diets". They investigated whether it is effective for employees to use Voodoo dolls to retaliate against abusive bosses. This study showed that taking it out on dolls does alleviate negative feelings, but suggested in the long run that it was better to deal with the underlying issue. For Biology, the winning research demonstrated how wine experts can detect a single fly in a glass of wine using merely the sense of smell, while the research on the effectiveness of using human saliva for cleaning won the Chemistry category.

The Peace Prize was given to the Spanish and Colombian scientists who independently studied the behavior of people driving a vehicle, having measured the frequency, motivation, and effects of shouting and cursing while driving an automobile.

The study was one of 10 recognized at this year's Ig Nobel Prize ceremony, which also honored research on topics such as smelling flies in wine, the nutritional content of human flesh and self-colonoscopies. The team's solution is to try to reduce stress on the road - a task as sizable as reducing conflict in the Middle East, noted BBC.

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