Published: Sun, September 16, 2018
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In Greece rock fell on tourists: the place is patrolled

In Greece rock fell on tourists: the place is patrolled

Besides them, injured three other people.

British holidaymakers have described scenes "like Dunkirk" after tons of rock fell from a cliff face onto a packed tourist beach on the Greek island of Zante.

Witnesses said a large rock fell from a cliff into the sea at Navagio, known as Shipwreck Beach, creating a large wave that capsized small boats, local media reported. The rest only had minor injuries.

Josh O'Connell, 21, of Kilkenny, Ireland, who works for a tour company on Zante, said there were more than a dozen tourist boats in the bay and 400-500 people in the area.

NASA satellite launched to measure Earth's ice changes
$1 billion ICESat-2 mission will use advanced lasers to uncover the true depth of the melting of Earth's ice sheets. ICESat-2 was expected to be released into a 300-mile-high polar orbit about 52 minutes after launch.

Among those injured was a 34-year-old Czech woman who had a fractured vertebra.

Greek authorities on Thursday, Sept. 13, 2018, say a landslide at a popular beach on the western island of Zakynthos has resulted in at least one injury, while coast guard officials were seeking to determine whether there were any people missing.

Videos show two large sections of limestone crashing down, sending large waves onto the beach and overturning vessels. He believed more were coming, so he started running.

Rescue services with sniffer dogs are searching the beach for possible victims. The beach draws its nickname of "Shipwreck Beach" from another disaster when a freighter, the MV Panagiotis, that ran aground there in 1980.

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