Published: Sun, September 16, 2018
Entertaiment | By Mabel Barber

Frank Ocean Clears Up Cease and Desist to Travis Scott Over Verse

Frank Ocean Clears Up Cease and Desist to Travis Scott Over Verse

Among the several artists that contributed to Travis Scott's chart-topping Astroworld album, fans were excited to find that Frank Ocean was among them.

Cease and desist! Frank Ocean lent his vocals for a track on Travis Scott's new album Astroworld, but upon hearing the song after its release, Frank is not pleased. According to sources close to the singer, Ocean is displeased with his appearance on Scott's record and is allegedly using legal means to have his vocals removed.

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Frank Ocean isn't the only rapper who has beef with the album. There's a lot of autotune during the chorus, and a helping of pitch correction on the final verse, though it's not known exactly to which part the Blonde singer objects.

He is now demanding that Travis remove his part, but Travis isn't budging, so he has chose to take legal action. Travis is asked to desist and cease the song from his album. Writing on Tumblr, he says that the dispute wasn't about the music and adds: "Me and Travis resolved it amongst ourselves weeks ago". As for Travis, he's reportedly is not interested in taking Frank off of the song, despite lawyers getting involved. I also approved it before it came out so the cease and desist wasn't about [music] it was about [pride].

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